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RXTE-related Ph.D. Theses RXTE

If you are aware of a RXTE-related Ph.D. thesis that does not appear in the list below, please send e-mail to: Gail Rohrbach. For other RXTE-related publications, see the RXTE Results page.

  1. Accretion States and Thermonuclear Bursts in Neutron Star X-ray Binaries
    M. Linares
    Ph. D. thesis: Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2009

  2. From horizon to torus: Uncovering supermassive black hole systems
    K. Murphy
    Ph.D. Thesis: The Johns Hopkins University, 2009 June
    ADS bibliographic code: 2009PhDT.........4M

  3. X-ray observations of the accreting Be/X-ray binary pulsar A 0535+26 in outburst
    I. Caballero
    Ph.D. Thesis: University of Tuebingen, April 2009
    ADS bibliographic code: 2009PhDT........12C

  4. Probing black holes with X-rays
    G. Pszota
    Ph.D. Thesis: Purdue University, 2008
    ADS bibliographic code: 2008PhDT........12P

  5. X-ray and infrared spectral and timing observations of galactic interacting binary stars and associated relativistic jets
    V. J. Mikles
    Ph.D. Thesis: University of Florida, 2008
    ADS bibliographic code: 2008PhDT........11M

  6. A decade of Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer Seyfert observations: An RXTE Seyfert spectral database
    B. J. Mattson
    Ph.D. Thesis: University of Maryland, College Park, 2008
    ADS bibliographic code: 2008PhDT.........6M

  7. Black Hole-Jet Systems: From Blazars to Microquasars
    Yongquan Xue
    Ph.D. Thesis: Purdue University, United States -- 2008 May
    ADS bibliographic code: 2008PhDT.........2X

  8. Different manifestations of accretion onto compact objects
    D. Altamirano
    Ph.D. Thesis: FNWI, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands -- 2008 April
    ADS bibliographic code: 2008PhDT.........4A

  9. The Multicoloured Universe of 2S 0114+650
    S. A. Farrell
    Ph.D. Thesis: UNSW, Australia -- September 2007

  10. X-ray Spectroscopy of Neutron Star Low-Mass X-ray Binaries
    M. I. Krauss
    Ph.D. Thesis: Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, September 2007
    ADS bibliographic code: 2007PhDT........24K

  11. A Study of Be/X-Ray Binaries in the SMC and the Milky Way
    José Luis Galache
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2006 May

  12. Relativistic astrophysics around black holes
    X. Zhang
    Ph.D. Thesis: The University of Alabama in Huntsville, United States -- 2006 May
    ADS bibliographic code: 2005PhDT.........7Z

  13. Magnetars' Multiwavelength Study
    N. Rea
    Ph.D. Thesis: SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research -- 2006 March
    ADS bibliographic code: 2006PhDT.........5R

  14. Magnetar-like X-ray Bursts from Anomalous X-ray Pulsars
    Fotis Gavriil
    Ph.D. Thesis: McGill University, Canada -- 2006 February
    ADS bibliographic code: 2006PhDT........18G

  15. State transition in soft X-ray transients: ''To be or not to be''
    D. Maitra
    Ph.D. Thesis: Yale University, 2006
    ADS bibliographic code: 2006PhDT........31M

  16. The X-ray variability of Seyfert galaxies
    K. Marshall
    Ph.D. Thesis: Georgia State University, United States -- Georgia, 2006
    ADS bibliographic code: 2006PhDT........24M

  17. Multi-wavelength observations of the blazar Markarian 421 in December 2002 and January 2003
    P. F. Rebillot III
    Ph.D. Thesis: Washington University, 2006
    ADS bibliographic code: 2006PhDT.........9R

  18. Using black hole X-ray binaries as laboratories for probing accretion disk theory in strong gravity
    S. W. Davis
    Ph.D. Thesis: University of California, Santa Barbara, 2006
    ADS bibliographic code: 2006PhDT.........6D

  19. Transient Sources in the X-Ray Universe
    Sabrina Rossi
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2005 December

  20. Unveiling the Accretion Disks that Fuel Active Galactic Nuclei
    Karen T. Lewis
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2005 December

  21. Relativistic Jets from Stella Black Holes
    Elena Gallo
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2005 September

  22. Disk-jet Coupling in Neutron Star and Black Hole Binaries
    Simone Migliari
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2005 September

  23. Studies of Be X-ray binaries in the Magellanic Clouds
    W. R. T. Edge
    Ph.D. Thesis: University of Southampton (United Kingdom), England, 2005
    ADS bibliographic code: 2005PhDT.........3E

  24. Geminga
    M. Jackson
    Ph.D. Thesis: Columbia University, United States -- New York, 2005
    ADS bibliographic code: 2005PhDT.........3J

  25. Radiation transport around Kerr black holes
    J. D. Schnittman
    Ph.D. Thesis: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States -- Massachusetts, 2005
    ADS bibliographic code: 2005PhDT........24S

  26. The Chandra and RXTE study of the galactic microquasar SS 433 and the surrounding nebula W50
    A. M. Moldowan
    Ph.D. Thesis: University of Manitoba (Canada), 2005
    ADS bibliographic code: 2005PhDT........30M

  27. Temporal dynamics of blazar 1ES 1959+650 and galaxy cluster interactions of Abell 115
    K. J. Gutierrez
    Ph.D. Thesis: Washington University, United States -- Missouri, 2005
    ADS bibliographic code: 2005PhDT.........7G

  28. Observations of the BL Lac object 3C66A with the Solar Tower Atmospheric Cherenkov Effect Experiment
    D. A. Bramel
    Ph.D. Thesis: Columbia University, United States -- New York, 2005
    ADS bibliographic code: 2005PhDT.........8B

  29. Fast aperiodic variability of stellar mass Black-Holes in X-ray binaries
    Piergiorgio Casella
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2005 March

  30. Black Hole X-ray Binaries
    Marc Klein-Wolt
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2004 September

  31. Analyses of Quasar 3C273 using XMM-Newton and RXTE
    M. Stuhlinger
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2004 September

  32. Beobachtung von kompakten Objekten mit XMM und RXTE - Der anormale Pulsar 1E 1048.1 5937 und der Polar RX J1940.1 1025
    E. Goehler
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2004 August

  33. Bursting neutron stars: Spectral formation theory and its application to mass and radius determination
    N. Shaposhnikov
    Ph.D. Thesis: GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY, September 2004
    ADS bibliographic code: 2004PhDT........10S

  34. Longterm lightcurves of X-ray binaries
    W. Clarkson
    Ph.D. Thesis: University of Southampton (United Kingdom), 2004
    ADS bibliographic code: 2004PhDT........26C

  35. Irradiated accretion discs in low-mass X-ray transients
    C. R. Powell
    Ph.D. Thesis: Open University (United Kingdom), 2004
    ADS bibliographic code: 2004PhDT........13P

  36. Multiwavelength observations of Markarian 421
    M. M. Jordan
    Ph.D. Thesis: Washington University, United States -- Missouri, 2004
    ADS bibliographic code: 2004PhDT........13J

  37. Multiwavelength studies of accretion disks around compact objects
    Z. Wang
    Ph.D. Thesis: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States -- Massachusetts, 2004
    ADS bibliographic code: 2004PhDT.........8W

  38. X-ray spectroscopy of low-mass X-ray binaries
    A. M. Juett
    ADS bibliographic code: 2004PhDT........10J

  39. X-ray and radio variability of Cygnus X-1
    T. Gleissner
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2004 June

  40. X-ray spectra of highly magnetized neutron stars in binary systems
    I. Kreykenbohm
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2004 June

  41. Timing Similarities among Accreting Neutron Stars
    S. van Straaten
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2004 April

  42. Long Time Scale Hard X-ray Variability in Seyfert 1 Galaxies
    A. Markowitz
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2003 November

  43. X-ray timing and spectral observations of galactic black hole candidate XTE J1550-564 during outburst
    K. T. Reilly
    Ph.D. Thesis: Stanford University, September 2003
    ADS bibliographic code: 2003PhDT.........6R

  44. Long-term X-ray variability of Active Galactic Nuclei and X-ray Binaries
    S. Benlloch
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2003 August

  45. Temporale und spektrale Untersuchungen des R?ntgendoppelsternsystems Her X-1/HZ Herculis
    P. Risse
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2003 May

  46. Long-term behaviour of high-mass X-ray binaries
    S. Laycock
    ADS bibliographic code: 2003PhDT.........7L

  47. Accretion Disk Weather of Black Hole X-Ray Binaries - The Case of Cygnus X-1
    K. Pottschmidt
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2002 December

  48. Observational Studies of Soft Gamma Repeaters
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2002

  49. Discovery and study of the microquasar LS 5039 and a search for new microquasars
    M. Ribó
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2002 November

  50. Spectro-Temporal studies of microquasars in X-rays: Quasi Periodic Oscillations and accretion-ejection coupling
    Jerome Rodriguez
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2002 September

  51. Radiative processes in accreting black holes (PDF file)
    G. Wardzinski
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2002

  52. Quasi-Periodic Oscillations and Variability of X-ray Sources Sco X-1 and Cyg X-2
    S. I. Kuznetsov
    Ph.D. Thesis: Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2002

  53. Millisecond oscillations during thermonuclear X-ray bursts
    M. P. Muno
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2002

  54. X-ray spectroscopic and timing studies of galactic black hole binaries
    J. M. Miller
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2002

  55. Identification of high-mass x-ray binaries
    D. Maxwell
    Ph.D. Thesis: OPEN UNIVERSITY (UNITED KINGDOM), November 2002
    ADS bibliographic code: 2002PhDT........16M

  56. On the multiwavelength nature of magnetic cataclysmic variables
    K. E. Belle
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2002

  57. Temporal studies of black hole X-ray transients during outburst decay
    E. Kalemci
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2002

  58. Multiwaveband studies of Be/X-ray binaries
    N. J. Haigh
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2002

  59. Constraints on Black Hole Emission Mechanisms
    T. J. Maccarone
    Ph.D. Thesis: AA(Yale University), December 2001
    ADS bibliographic code: 2001PhDT.......146M

  60. A study of magnetic fields of accreting X-ray pulsars with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer
    W. Coburn
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2001 December

  61. Observations of black hole candidate GRS 1758-258 by the GRATIS balloon-borne telescope and other observatories
    J. W. Keck
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2001 August

  62. Detection of high-frequency X-ray variability in a black hole transient with USA
    G. Shabad
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2001 July

  63. Thermal and Non-Thermal Emission in Supernova Remnants
    K. K. Dyer
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2001 May

  64. A Study of the Long-term Behavior of Galactic X-ray Sources with RXTE
    Ph.D. Thesis, February, 2001

  65. Multiwavelength Observations of Black Hole and Neutron Star X-Ray Binaries
    R. Jain
    Ph.D. Thesis: Yale University, 2001

  66. Probing low-mass X-ray binaries with X-ray timing (PDF file)
    P. Jonker
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2001

  67. X-ray timing studies of low-mass X-ray binaries
    J. Homan, Amsterdam University
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2001

  68. Analysis and interpretation of spectral and timing properties of Galactic Black Hole Candidates
    S.Trudolyubov, Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2000

  69. Studying accretion flows and probing strong gravitational fields using black hole X-ray binaries
    G. J. Sobczak
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2000 November

  70. X-ray and gamma-ray emissions from galactic black hole candidates: Observations and analysis
    D. Lin
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2000 October

  71. X-ray and optical variability in X-ray binaries
    K. O'Brien
    Ph.D. Thesis, University of St Andrews, 2000 June

  72. Spectrum and pulse profile formation in strong-field X-ray pulsars
    D. K. Galloway
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2000 May

  73. The study of X-ray emission of the accreting black holes and neutron stars
    M. Revnivtsev, Space Research Institute, Russia
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2000

  74. Very high resolution trigonometric parallax and structure measurements of Scorpius X-1
    C. F. Bradshaw
    Ph.D. Thesis, 2000

  75. Observations of the Bursting Pulsar and Magnetars
    Peter Woods
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999 December

  76. X-ray observations of soft gamma-ray repeaters
    D. M. Marsden
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999 December

  77. Multiwavelength studies of radio-jet X-ray binaries
    D. C. Hannikainen
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999 November

  78. An X-ray spectroscopic study of the SMC X-1/Sk 160 X-ray binary system
    P. S. Wojdowski
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999 November

  79. Observations of transient and anomalous x-ray pulsars with the burst and transient source experiment and the Rossi x-ray timing explorer
    C. A. Wilson-Hodge
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999 November

  80. Millisecond phenomena in X-ray binaries
    R. Wijnands, Amsterdam University
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999

  81. Observations of x-ray counterparts to gamma-ray bursts in RXTE's all-sky monitor
    D. A. Smith
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999

  82. Measuring the granularity of the diffuse hard X-ray background
    D. R. MacDonald
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999

  83. X-ray and optical observations of accreting neutron stars and black holes and the construction and testing of the stellar x-ray polarimeter
    J. A. Tomsick
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999

  84. Multiwavelength investigation of the supermassive star Eta Carinae
    K. Ishibashi
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999

  85. X-ray Reflection and Variability in Active Galactic Nuclei
    J. C. Lee, Cambridge University, U.K.
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1999

  86. Mass Transfer and Accretion in the Eccentric Neutron-Star Binary Circinus X-1
    R. E. Shirey
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1998 June

  87. X-Rays From Galactic Black Holes: Theory and Observation
    J. Wilms, Institut für Astronomie und Astrophysik, Germany
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1998

  88. Aperiodic and Quasi-Periodic Variability in Scorpius X-1
    N. I. Parker
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1998

  89. X-Ray Timing Properties of Cygnus X-1 and Cygnus X-2
    W. B. Focke
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1998

  90. Fast X-Ray Oscillations: Probes of an Accreting Neutron Star
    E. C. Ford
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1997 October

  91. A Broad-Band Spectral and Timing Study of the X-Ray Binary System Centaurus X-3
    M. D. Audley
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1997

  92. Ten Microsecond Time Resolution Studies of Cygnus X-1
    H. C. Wen
    Ph.D. Thesis, 1997

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