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"X-ray Timing 2003: Rossi and Beyond" Papers RXTE

Below is the list of papers presented at the "X-ray Timing 2003: Rossi and Beyond" conference (November 2003). Several of these are available as pre-prints, retrievable from our Search for RXTE Preprints page. The full collection of papers will appear later this year in the proceedings of "X-Ray Timing 2003: Rossi and Beyond", eds. P. Kaaret, F.K. Lamb, & J.H. Swank (Melville, NY: AIP).

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Scientific Challenges for a New X-Ray Timing Mission
F. K. Lamb

Section - Black Hole Timing

  • X-Ray QPOs from Black Hole Binary Systems
    R.A. Remillard
  • Interpreting Black Hole QPOs
    M.A. Abramowicz, W. Kluzniak
  • Measurements of Black Hole Spins and Tests of Strong-Field General Relativity
    D. Psaltis
  • A New, Simple Model for Black Hole High Frequency QPOs
    L. Rezzolla
  • A Hot Spot Model for Black Hole QPOs
    J. Schnittman, E. Bertschinger
  • Magnetic Floods in GRS 1915+105
    M. Tagger, P. Varniere, J. Rodriguez
  • Chaotic Behavior of Microquasar GRS 1915+105
    B. Mukhopadhyay
  • Transitions of Black Hole Transients to the Low/Hard State under the Microscope
    E. Kalemci, J. A. Tomsick, R.E. Rothschild, K. Pottschmidt, P. Kaaret
  • Simultaneous Optical and X-ray Observations of the 2003 Outburst of V4641 Sgr (= SAX J1819.3-2525)
    D. Maitra, C. Bailyn, A. Chen, M. Buxton, L. Jeanty
  • Different Kinds of Long-Term Variability from Cygnus X-1
    S. Benlloch, K. Pottschmidt, J. Wilms, M.A. Nowak, T. Gleissner, G.G. Pooley
  • Multicolour Observations of V404 Cyg and J1118+480 with ULTRACAM
    T. Shahbaz, V.Dhillon, T.R. Marsh, C. Zurita, C. Haswell, P. A. Charles, R.I. Hynes, J. Casares

Section - Black Hole Spectra

  • The Evolution of Accreting Black Holes in Outburst
    J. A. Tomsick
  • Interpreting Black Hole X-Ray Spectra
    P. Coppi
  • The Future of X-ray Spectroscopy of Galactic Black Hole Binaries
    M. Nowak
  • Doppler Broadening of the Iron Line and R - Gamma Correlation in Black Hole Binaries
    M. Gilfanov, E.Churazov, M.Revnivtsev
  • Spectra and Time Variability of Galactic Black-Hole X-Ray Sources in the Low/Hard State
    N. D. Kylafis, D. Giannios, D. Psaltis
  • Relative Timing of Changes in Spectrum, Luminosity, and Fast Variability in Persistently Luminous Black-Hole Candidates
    D. M. Smith, L. Huss, W. A. Heindl, J. H. Swank
  • Discovery and Monitoring of a Broad Iron Line Complex in GRO J1655-40 by RXTE
    R. E. Rothschild, W. A. Heindl, J. Wilms, R. Stauber
  • RXTE Observations of Cygnus X-3
    A. Szostek, A. Zdziarski, P. Lachowicz
  • Joint INTEGRAL/RXTE Observations of Cygnus X-1
    J. Wilms, K. Pottschmidt, M. A. Nowak, M. Chernyakova, J. Rodriguez, A.A. Zdziarski, V. Beckmann, P. Kretschmar, T. Gleissner, G.G.Pooley, S. Mar’nez-Nunez, T. J.-L. Courvoisier, V. Schoenfelder, R. Staubert
  • Evolution of X-Ray Spectra of Cygnus X-3 with Radio Flares
    M. Choudhury, A. R. Rao

Section - Jets

  • Relativistic Jets in the RXTE Era
    S. Corbel
  • Understanding X-ray Timing and Radio Observations Of Jet Sources
    D. L. Meier
  • X-Ray Timing and Jets: The Future
    S. S. Eikenberry
  • Possible Optical/Infrared Jet Emission in 4U 1543-37
    M. Buxton, C. Bailyn
  • Jet Birth in Microquasar GRS 1915+105
    V. Dhawan, M. Muno, R. Remillard
  • Broad Red-Shifted Lines as a Signature of Outflow
    D. Kazanas, L. Titarchuk, P. A. Becker
  • Physics of Flares from Black Hole Microquasar V4641 Sgr in the Radio, Optical and X-Rays
    S.-W. Kim, S. Mineshige
  • Monitoring Flaring State in the Black Hole X-Ray Binaries/Microquasars GRS 1915+105 and Cyg X-3: Radio Timing with the Korean VLBI Network
    J.-S. Kim, S.-W. Kim

Section - Active Galactic Nuclei

  • Relative Timing of Variability of Blazars at X-Ray and Lower Frequencies
    A. P. Marscher, S. G. Jorstad, M. F. Aller, I. McHardy, T. J. Balonek, H. Tersranta, G. Tosti
  • Long Timescale Variability of AGN with RXTE
    I. M. McHardy, P. Uttley, R. D. Taylor, N. Seymour
  • X-ray/Optical Variability of Akn 120 and 3C 120
    K. Marshall, E. C. Ferrara, H. R. Miller, A. P. Marscher, G. Madejski
  • Timing Analysis of Light Curves in the Tartarus Active Galactic Nuclei Database
    P. M. O'Neill, K. Nandra, I. E. Papadakis, T. J. Turner
  • The X-ray Variability of NGC 4945: Characterizing the Power Spectrum through Light Curve Simulations
    M. Mueller, G. Madejski, C. Done, P. Zycki
  • The Behavior of X-ray Emission Lines from an Accretion Disk in Flare Model
    A. Rozanskaa, B. Czerny, V. Karas, A.-M. Dumont, S. Collin
  • Modeling of Multifrequency Variability of Blazars
    A. Sokolov, A. P. Marscher
  • Multi-Frequency Monitoring of Three Gamma-Ray Quasars
    S. Jorstad, A.P. Marscher, I. McHardy, K. Makrides, D. Salem, T. Balonek, J. Kartaltepe, M. Aller, V. Larionov, N. Efimova, C. Raiteri, M. Villata, O. Kurtanidze, M. Gaskell, M Tźrler

Section - Millisecond X-Ray Pulsars

  • Observations of Millisecond X-Ray Pulsars
    R. Wijnands
  • Millisecond Pulsations from LMXBs: Future Observational Considerations
    C. B. Markwardt
  • A Timing Signature of Gravitational Radiation from LMXB Neutron Stars
    R. V. Wagoner
  • The Physics of X-Ray Emission from Accreting Millisecond Pulsars
    J. Poutanen
  • An RXTE Archival Search for Coherent X-ray Pulsations in LMXB 4U1820-30
    R. Dib, S. Ransom, P. Ray, V. Kaspi

Section - X-Ray Bursts

  • Millisecond Oscillations During Thermonuclear X-ray Bursts
    M. Muno
  • Future Probes of the Neutron Star Equation of State Using X-Ray Bursts
    T. E. Strohmayer
  • New BeppoSAX-WFC Results on Superbursts
    J. J. M. in 't Zand, R. Cornelisse, E. Kuulkers, F. Verbunt, J. Heise
  • X-Ray Spectral and Timing Properties of the 2001 Superburst of 4U 1636-536
    E. Kuulkers, J. J. M. in't Zand, J. Homan, S. van Straaten, D. Altamirano, M. van der Klis
  • Neutron Star Mass-Radius Relation Determination from RXTE X-Ray Burst Data
    N. Shaposhnikov, L. Titarchuk
  • Thermonuclear Burst Physics with RXTE
    D. K. Galloway, D. Chakrabarty, A. Cumming, E. Kuulkers, L. Bilsten, R. Rothschild

Section - Soft Gamma Repeaters and Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars

  • Magnetars: Soft Gamma Repeaters
    C. Kouveliotou
  • RXTE and "Anomalous" X-Ray Pulsars
    V. Kaspi, F. P. Gavriil
  • Glitches from the AXP 1RXS J170849.0-400910
    S. Dall'Osso, G.L. Israel, L. Stella, A. Possenti, E. Perozzi
  • The Discovery of a Transient Magnetar
    A. I. Ibrahim, C. B. Markwardt, J. H. Swank, S. Ransom, M. Roberts, V. Kaspi, P. M. Woods, S. Safi-Harb, S. Balman, W. C. Parke, C. Kouveliotou, K. Hurley, T. Cline
  • Changes in the X-ray Emission from the Magnetar Candidate 1E 2259+586 during its 2002 Outburst
    P. M. Woods, V.M. Kaspi, C. Thompson, F. P. Gavriil, H.L. Marshall, D. Chakrabarty, K. Flanagan, J. Heyl, L. Hernquist
  • A Comprehensive Study of the X-ray Bursts from the Magnetar Candidate 1E 2259+586
    F.P. Gavriil, V.M. Kaspi, P. M. Woods
  • The Pulsed Spectra of Two Extraordinary Pulsars
    M. Roberts, S. Ransom, F.P. Gavriil, V. Kaspi, P. M. Woods, A. Ibrahim, C. B. Markwardt, J. H. Swank
  • 2800 Days of Monitoring the Timing of PSR B1509-58 with RXTE
    A. H. Rots

Section - Cataclysmic Variables and X-Ray Pulsars

  • Optical, UV, and EUV Oscillations of SS Cygni in Outburst
    C. W. Mauche
  • Timing and Spectroscopy of Accreting X-ray Pulsars: the State of Cyclotron Line Studies
    W. A. Heindl, R. E. Rothschild, W. Coburn, R. Staubert, J. Wilms, I.Kreykenbohm, P. Kretschmar
  • Long-Term X-Ray Variability and the Importance of the ASM
    S. D. Vrtilek
  • Monitoring and Discovering X-Ray Pulsars in the Small Magellanic Cloud
    R. H. D. Corbet, S. Laycock, M. J. Coe, F. E. Marshall, C. B. Markwardt
  • QPOs in Accreting Pulsars
    M. H. Finger
  • Observations of the Transient X-Ray Pulsar EXO 053109-6609.2 with ASCA, BeppoSAX and XMM-Newton
    S. Naik, B. Paul, S. N. A. Jaaffery, P. C. Agrawal
  • X-ray Timing of the Young Pulsar in 3C 58
    S. Ransom, F. Camilo, V. Kaspi, P. Slane, B. Gaensler, E. Gotthelf, S. Murray

Section - Neutron Star Quasi-periodic Oscillations

  • Quasi-Periodic Oscillations from Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries with Neutron Stars J. H. Swank
  • Interpreting QPOs from Accreting Neutron Stars
    M. C. Miller
  • Neutron Star QPOs as Probes of Strong Gravity and Dense Matter
    M. van der Klis
  • High-Frequency QPOs as a Problem in Physics: Non-Linear Resonance
    W. Kluzniak, M. A. Abramowicz, W. H. Lee
  • Unified Model of Quasi-Periodic Oscillations
    L. Titarchuk, K. S. Wood
  • Probing the X-Ray Variability of Neutron Star LMXBs: the Case of the Brightest Source Sco X-1
    W. Yu
  • X-Ray Eclipse Timing in the LMXB EXO0748-676
    M. T. Wolff, P. S. Ray, K. S. Wood

Section - Timing Capabilities of Planned Missions

  • X-ray Timing in the Japanese program
    T. Dotani
  • XTRA: The Fast X-Ray Timing Detector on XEUS
    D. Barret
  • Hard X-Ray Timing with EXIST
    J. E. Grindlay

Section - Instrumentation for X-Ray Timing

  • Silicon-Based Large-Area X-Ray Detectors
    P. Kaaret
  • A Focusing X-Ray Timing Observatory
    P. Gorenstein
  • Thick, Large Area Silicon Detectors for a Future X-Ray Timing Mission
    B. F. Phlips, E. A. Wulf, W. N. Johnson, J. D. Kurfess, P. S. Ray, K. S. Wood
  • MCP-Optics for X-ray Timing
    M. Bavdaz, D. H. Lumb, A.Peacock, M. Beijersbergen
  • QVD Sensors as Focal Plane Instruments for X-ray Timing Applications
    K. Wood, A. M. Gulian, P. S. Ray
  • The Importance of Monitoring Soft X-Ray Sources
    R. Di Stefano
  • Reflections on the X-Ray Large Array
    K. S. Wood, M. T. Wolff, P. S. Ray
  • An Extreme Physics MIDEX
    M. Elvis

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