CCfits  2.6
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNCCfitsNamespace enclosing all CCfits classes and globals definitions
||oCauto_array_ptrA class that mimics the std:: library auto_ptr class, but works with arrays
||oCCAarrayFunction object returning C array from a valarray. see CVarray for details
||oCCVAarrayFunction object returning C array from a vector of valarrays. see CVarray for details
||oCCVarrayFunction object class for returning C arrays from standard library objects used in the FITS library implementation
||oCMatchNamePredicate for classes that have a name attribute; match input string with instance name
||oCMatchNumPredicate for classes that have an index attribute; match input index with instance value
||oCMatchPtrNameAs for MatchName, only with the input class a pointer
||oCMatchPtrNumAs for MatchNum, only with the input class a pointer
||oCMatchTypeFunction object that returns the FITS ValueType corresponding to an input intrinsic type
||\CUnrecognizedTypeException thrown by MatchType if it encounters data type incompatible with cfitsio
|oCAsciiTableClass Representing Ascii Table Extensions
|oCBinTableClass Representing Binary Table Extensions. Contains columns with scalar or vector row entries
|oCColumnAbstract base class for Column objects
||oCInsufficientElementsException thrown if the data supplied for a write operation is less than declared
||oCInvalidDataTypeException thrown for invalid data type inputs
||oCInvalidNumberOfRowsException thrown if user enters a non-positive number for the number of rows to write
||oCInvalidRowNumberException thrown on attempting to read a row number beyond the end of a table
||oCInvalidRowParameterException thrown on incorrect row writing request
||oCNoNullValueException thrown if a null value is specified without support from existing column header
||oCRangeErrorException to be thrown for inputs that cause range errors in column read operations
||\CWrongColumnTypeException thrown on attempting to access a scalar column as vector data
|oCExtHDUBase class for all FITS extension HDUs, i.e. Image Extensions and Tables
||\CWrongExtensionTypeException to be thrown on unmatched extension types
|oCFITSMemory object representation of a disk FITS file
||oCCantCreateThrown on failure to create new file
||oCCantOpenThrown on failure to open existing file
||oCNoSuchHDUException thrown by HDU retrieval methods
||\COperationNotSupportedThrown for unsupported operations, such as attempted to select rows from an image extension
|oCFitsErrorFitsError is the exception thrown by non-zero cfitsio status codes
|oCFitsExceptionFitsException is the base class for all exceptions thrown by this library
|oCFitsFatal[potential] base class for exceptions to be thrown on internal library error
|oCGroupTableClass representing a hierarchical association of Header Data Units (HDUs)
|oCHDUBase class for all HDU [Header-Data Unit] objects
||oCInvalidExtensionTypeException to be thrown if user requests extension type that can not be understood as ImageExt, AsciiTable or BinTable
||oCInvalidImageDataTypeException to be thrown if user requests creation of an image of type not supported by cfitsio
||oCNoNullValueException to be thrown on seek errors for keywords
||\CNoSuchKeywordException to be thrown on seek errors for keywords
|oCKeywordAbstract base class defining the interface for Keyword objects
|oCPHDUClass representing the primary HDU for a FITS file
| \CNoSuchColumnException to be thrown on a failure to retrieve a column specified either by name or index number
oNFITSUtilFITSUtil is a namespace containing functions used internally by CCfits, but which might be of use for other applications
\CImageExt< T >