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CALDB WARNING: sis/cpf/93dec20/s1c2g*p40e1*.* files

CALDB WARNING - Problem with a few ASCA SIS files in the OGIP caldb

The following matrices contain an erroneous 'spike' at 11 keV which
can severely effect data analysis. 
where '*' represents a wild-card.

	- The spike is at an energy not usually used in data analysis
	- NO other files are thought to be effected.
	- The ASCA GOF at NASA/GSFC is currently deciding what should 
		be done regarding these files. 

Geoff Crewe (MIT) reports:
> .... there is indeed an evil bug at 11keV in all the s1c2p40e1 response
> matrices.  The files are probably ok if you toss all photons above 10keV
> (which is customary for a variety of reasons).  

Ian M George