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New ACSA XRT Effective Area files (and FTOOLSv2.9 warning)

          New ASCA Calibration Files in the CALDB

A new ASCA XRT effective area file has recently been installed in 
the OGIP caldb at NASA/GSFC:

This file was mirrored from the ISAS caldb on 1994 Apr 13 and contains: 
 'XRT Effective Area from Nagoya ray-tracing (version 1.2)'

This file has been given a "good" quality flag by the ASCA GOF, and 
therefore supersedes the earlier version of this dataset:

HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE this file was renamed prior to inclusion in the 
refdata area of the FTOOLSv2.9 release (due out in the next few hours).
Unfortunately the name given the file was 'xrt_ea.fits', however the 
ASCA GOF has verified that the dataset within this file is in fact 
identical to that in the 'xrt_ea_110494.fits' files in the caldbs at 

Ian M George