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New ASCA GIS Calibration Files available in the HEASARC CALDB

A number of new ASCA GIS calibration datasets are now available in the HEASARC 
Calibration Database (ie via anonymous ftp from legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov). The 
new datasets are located in the pre-existing directory:


and consist of the following files:
	- 128 chan detector response matrix, appropriate for use with GIS2 data 
	  taken in PH mode over the period 1994 Feb 10 -- 1994 Apr 08.
	- 1024 chan detector response matrices multipled by the ARF 
          appropriate for a 6 arcmin circle centered on the nominal 
	  pointing positions used in 1-, 2- & 4-CCD modes. The GOF 
	  recommends these files be used for simulation purposes only, and 
	  that GOs make customized ARFs during the analysis of data already 

Any further information on the use/abuse of these files will be distributed 
to GOs by the ASCA GOF. Should Local CALDB managers encounter (the likely) 
conflicts with existing entries in their CIFs, they should contact 

Ian M George