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Re: OGIP/93-013 - A list of standard strings for HE missions,instruments & filters.

> How logical or useful would an additional keyword be to specify the optic used
> for the instrument? For our ALEXIS telescopes, the multilayer mirrors in each
> telescope are just as important to specify as the filter in front of the
> detector since the mirror specifies the bandpass. For other projects, perhaps
> several flight type optics were prepared but only one used? In this case, I was
> thinking of an "OPTIC" or "MIRROR" keyword.
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> Jeffrey Bloch					Office:     (505) 665-2568

Rather than invent a new keyword, it may be possible and preferable to
encode all the necessary information into the existing TELESCOPE,
INSTRUME, DETNAM, and FILTER keywords.   This would make the data files
more similar to those from other missions. I don't know much about
ALEXIS, but couldn't you, for instance, consider each mirror as a
different telescope, so you would have  ALEXIS1, ALEXIS2, etc.   Or you
could consider each mirror to be effectively a filter, since the mirror
does filter the observed bandpass.  In which case you could have

FILTER1 =  mirror name
FILTER2 =  name of the other 'filter' in front of the detector.

Or another idea would be to give each mirror+detector combination a
unique DETNAM value.

-Bill Pence