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Comment on spacecraft with multiple telescopes

Since we are talking about spacecraft with multiple telescopes, I'd
like to mention that I have always considered the use of the TELESCOP
keyword to describe a spacecraft to be incorrect.  In my mind a
spacecraft should be called an OBSERVATORY (carefully shortened to
something that FITS would accept).  Then you could have multiple
telescopes on a spacecraft, each with various filters and detectors.

Since EXOSAT also had more than one telescope, any solution for ALEXIS
should also work for EXOSAT.  Here is an example based on EXOSAT:

FILTER  = 'Lexan 3000'

Of course, it's far too late to change the meaning of the TELESCOP
keyword, but maybe someone will have a clever idea.

Just to make sure you all think about the problem, let me point out
that I can imagine cases where you add data from different telesopes
together.  How should that information be kludged into FITS keywords?
Would TELESCOP='1,3,5' work?