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Advert for xtecaldb


The HEASARC caldb has just set up a sister e-mail exploder to this one:


The xtecaldb is intended for 'managers' of non-OGIP caldbs to announce
new calibration information for the XTE project. 

Should you wish to subscribe to the xtecaldb exploder, simply send 
e-mail to listserv@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov, with the main text of the 
message consisting of the line:
	subscribe xtecaldb {your name}
where {your name} should be you real name (not userid)

Similarly, to unsubscride, send a message to the same location, but with 
the text:
	unsubscribe xtecaldb

An archive of messages sent out on the xtecaldb exploder is available 
on-line via the WWW, with the URL:

Ian M George