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New ROSAT PSPC datasets available in the HEASARC Calibration Database

A number of new ROSAT PSPC datasets are available from the HEASARC Calibration 
database (ie via anonymous ftp from heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov). The datasets 
are located in the directory:


and have the names/descriptions as follows:
  adc_bins.fits	    - PSPC ADC non-linearity correction
  alkhist_v1_b.fits - PSPCB Gain hist from Prescott fits to Al-K obs (v1.0)
  alkhist_v1_c.fits - PSPCC Gain hist from Prescott fits to Al-K obs (v1.0)
  gain_kor3_b.fits  - PSPCB Spatial Gain Correction: Pos-dep terms (v1.0)
  gain_kor3_c.fits  - PSPCC Spatial Gain Correction: Pos-dep terms (v1.0)
  gnampl_new.fits   - PSPC Spatial Gain Correction: Energy-dep term (v1.0)
  scal3.fits	    - PSPC Window Correction: Energy-dep correction term 
  tabx_093_b.fits   - PSPCB Window Correction: X-axis term
  tabx_093_c.fits   - PSPCC Window Correction: X-axis term
  taby_093_b.fits   - PSPCB Window Correction: Y-axis term
  taby_093_c.fits   - PSPCC Window Correction: Y-axis term
These datasets should be marked good in all CIFs. Further instructions on 
their use will be supplied to users by the ROSAT GOF at NASA/GSFC in the 
near future, but Local Caldb Managers are warned that these datasets will 
be required for the task ftools/rosat/pcpicor scheduled for release with 
ftools v3.4 in the next few days.

Ian M George
HEASARC Calibration Database