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Post-launch XTE PCA channel-to-energy dataset available from the HEASARC Caldb

A post-launch calibration file containing the parameters for converting 
the PCA channels to energies is now available in the HEASARC Calibration 
Database (ie via anonymous ftp from heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov). The dataset 
is located in the directory:

Further information on the use of this dataset will be provided to users 
by the XTE GOF at NASA/GSFC. However it should be noted that it is 
REQUIRED for the tasks pcarmf & pcarsp to be released with FTOOLS v3.5.

This dataset supersedes the (pre-launch) datasets also available within the 
above directory, and Local Caldb Managers need not copy the earlier 
versions. All the entries (including "conflicts") in pca_c2e_96feb16.fits
should be flagged good within CIFs. Problems/questions regarding the 
updating the CIFs should be addressed to <caldbhelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov>

Ian M George