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Post-launch XTE PCA collimator cubes available from the HEASARC Caldb

A set of post-launch collimator responses for the PCA are now available 
in the HEASARC Calibration Database (ie via anonymous ftp from 
heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov). The datasets are located in the directory:

and consist of one file for each PCU, plus a file containing the 
combined response of all PCUs corrected for their relative alignments.

Further information on the use of these datasets will be provided to users 
by the XTE GOF at NASA/GSFC. However it should be noted that they are 
required for a number of XTE tasks to be released with FTOOLS v3.5.

These datasets supersede the (pre-launch) datasets available within the 
caldb/data/xte/pca/bcf/collresp/95aug07/ sub-directory, and Local Caldb 
Managers should flag all the new datasets as good in CIFs.

Ian M George