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FTOOLS v3.5 now available

		FTOOLS v3.5 now available for the HEASARC

The long-awaited new distribution of FTOOLS is now available and Release Notes 
available via the WWW at the URL: 

For those of you actively maintaining a Caldb at your home site, the 
following new CALTOOLS task maybe of some interest:

  caldbinfo - Checks whether a local Caldb is correctly installed for a user 

A number of other pre-existing CALTOOLS tasks have had minor updates in 
response to feedback from Local Caldb Managers.

You are also reminded that up-to-date information (incl bugs etc) for the
CALTOOLS tasks is available via the WWW at the URL:

PLEASE NOTE, all problems associated with the installation and running 
of FTOOLS v3.5 should be send to: 

Ian M George