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New XTE PCA EDS file available from the HEASARC Caldb

A new "EDS" gain correction file for the PCA is now available in the HEASARC
Calibration Database (ie via anonymous ftp from heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov) in 
the form of: 

This and the other post-launch EDS files available within the above directory 
are currently as follows:
            filename              Start date/time         End date/time
        edsgcor_951230.fits   Dec 30, 1995 13:48:00     Jan 18, 1996 18:31:44
        edsgcor_960118.fits   Jan 18, 1996 18:31:45     Feb 27, 1996 19:24:39
        edsgcor_96feb27.fits  Feb 27, 1996 19:24:40     Mar 25, 1996 21:02:50
	edsgcor_96mar25.fits  Mar 25, 1996 21:02:50	    present 

The new dataset should be flagged as good in CIFs. Further information on the
use of these files will be provided to users via the XTE GOF at NASA/GSFC. 

Ian M George