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RXTE Cycle 10 and Astro-E2 Cycle 1 Peer Review Request

        RXTE Cycle 10 and Astro-E2 Cycle 1 Peer Review Request
On behalf of NASA Headquarters, we are attempting to identify
potential reviewers for the Astro-E2 Cycle 1 and RXTE Cycle 10
Proposal Reviews.  A review by competent peers benefits the entire
science community by ensuring that the observations carried out
by Astro-E2 and RXTE and the science return are of the highest quality.
We'd like to appeal to you to support this system and contribute to
the common good by serving as a Peer Reviewer this fall.  If you'd be
willing to help out, please drop us a line.

NEW: Additional Incentive ($$$)

Starting this year, we will be able to offer honoraria to non-civil servant
reviewers, at a rate of $200/day ($250/day for panel chairs).
RXTE Cycle 10 Review details:

November 14-16, 2004, in the Hunt Valley, MD area (dates and venue to be
confirmed).  Reviewers arrive the afternoon/evening of Sunday November
14.  Review begins early Monday morning and continues until Tuesday evening.

In recent RXTE reviews, each panel has been assigned about 35-45 proposals
total.  Each individual participant is primary or secondary reviewer on a
subset of the proposals.  RXTE Cycle 10 is a two-stage review.  Successful
PIs will be asked to submit budget proposals once the observing program
is announced.  A subset of the Cycle 10 panel will review the budget
proposals.  Details of RXTE Cycle 10 can be found on the RXTE front Page
of the ROSS_04 announcement


Astro-E2 Cycle 1 US Review details:

October 19-21, 2004, in the Greenbelt, MD, area (dates and venue to
be confirmed).  Since this is a new mission, we have allocated 2.5 days
for the review, including a series of introductory talks on the mission.
Review will start on Tuesday morning and is expected to be completed by
lunchtime on Thursday, October 21.

This is a peer review of proposals submitted to NASA by PIs based
at US institutions.  Consequently, we seek reviewers based at US
institutions only.  Links on the Astro-E2 announcement in the ROSS_04
announcement, as well as to technical informations on Astro-E2, can
be found at:

We would be grateful if you could reply to


by the end of August, letting us know:

a) Your full name and title:
b) Your institutional affiliation:
c) Your scientific strengths and interests:
d) Your availability for Astro-E2 and/or RXTE reviews.

Because of possible institutional and scientific constraints on our
choice of reviewers, not all volunteers will necessarily be selected.
All reviewers must have a Ph.D. in astrophysics or a related field by
the review date.  We will contact you individually, shortly after the
respective proposal deadlines, when we know how many reviewers we will
actually need.

We apologize if you receive this message more than once.  Also, feel
free to call one of us at the numbers below if you have any questions.

Warm regards,

			Padi Boyd (RXTE GOF, 301-286-2550)
			Koji Mukai (Astro-E2 GOF, 301-286-9447)
A service of the RXTE GOF, NASA/GSFC

Please do not reply to this email.
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