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Suzaku Guest Observer Facility

Proposals & Planning Tools

Cycle 9 Technical Description and Tools Cycle 8 TOO Requests

Suzaku Guest Observer Program: Cycle 9

(Closed)AO-9 proposals were due at 4:30 pm EST on November 13, 2013. The list of accepted targets is now available and US PIs have been notified.

Technical Description and Planning Tools

Suzaku Technical Description

Planning Tools

The following tools are available for preparation of Cycle 9 proposals.

  • For count rate simulations, use PIMMS (the command-line version) or WebPIMMS.
    • We recommend proposers to carry out full spectral simulation for HXD feasibility. However, as a first cut, PIMMS will provide approximate exposure times necessary for 3- and 5-sigma detections in the standard energy bands using the HXD (1 energy band for the PIN, 2 for the GSO).
  • The XIS response files, XIS blank sky spectra, XIS night Earth spectra, and the HXD response and background files are available for simulation purposes. The HXD files remain unchanged since Cycle 7; for the XIS, the responses and the night Earth spectra have been updated for Cycle 9, but the differences from the Cycle 8 versions are minor. Simulations can also be performed using WebSpec.
  • XIS event simulator, xissim, is avialable as part of Suzaku FTOOLS. Read our guide on how to use xissim.
  • When is a target available? Check with Viewing, which is correct for Suzaku. Note that the allowed range of Sun angles for Suzaku observations has been reduced to 70-110 degrees; the Viewing tool has been updated to reflect this change.
  • Linux and Solaris versions of Maki, a tool to investigate multi-mission observing windows and instrument Fields of View, are available (see also rollRange, a simpler tool).
  • Coordinate Converter.
  • W3nH - Neutral Hydrogen column density

Suzaku Guest Observer Program: Cycle 8 (Closed)

The Suzaku Guest Observer Facility received 67 proposals from US-based astronomers.

For the record:

TOO Requests

Unpredictable events can be observed with Suzaku as targets of opportunity (TOO) in two different ways.

If you have any questions concerning Suzaku, visit the Feedback form.

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