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Access the multiple component model interface.

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(low-high): Units

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Model Parameters
Power Law:
Black Body:
Therm. Bremss.:

Note: The following parameters are mission dependent

CHANDRA ACIS pile-up calculation only

Go to the Multi-component/Gaussian WebPIMMS web interface.

Go to the Leicester (UK) WebPIMMS mirror site.
For help in the use of WebPIMMS, see the WebPIMMS Users Guide or the PIMMS User Guide
WebPIMMS is a Web version of the PIMMS (v4.7) tool. PIMMS was developed by Koji Mukai at the HEASARC. The first Web version was developed at the SAX Data Center. The SAX PIMMS package was ported to and modified for the HEASARC Web site by Michael Arida.
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For feedback or questions on WebPIMMS, please contact Michael Arida. arida@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov

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