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IMPORTANT: RXTE Cycle 11 NSPIRES Guidance (Deadline September 19, 2005)

Dear Colleague, 

The deadline for Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) Cycle 
11 Observing proposals is fast approaching. Due to changes 
in the proposal submission process, if you are submitting an 
RXTE Cycle 11 proposal, PRINT OUT THIS MESSAGE and 
refer to it often during the submission process.  

In particular, PIs at US institutions should be aware that  
NSPIRES Cover Page submission to NASA HQ must be done 
by an authorized organizational representative (AOR) of your  
institution, not the individual PI.  (See part #2 below for details.) 

Read below for instructions aimed at 1) all proposers, 2) US PIs  
and 3) PIs at non-US institutions. 

The schedule for RXTE Cycle 11 is as follows: 

	? 	 Release Date - January 31, 2005, as part of  
	? 	Due Date for Notices of Intent - September 19, 2005 
	? 	 Due Date for Proposal Submission - September 19, 2005, 
4:30pm ET 
	? 	 Proposal Peer Review - November, 2005 
	? 	 Start of Cycle 11 observations - on or around March 1, 

ROSES-2005 link: 


1. ALL RXTE PIs: NEW for Cycle 11---NASA NSPIRES registration is 


All RXTE Cycle 11 Stage 1 proposals must include an electronic  
submission through NASA's new NSPIRES system, in addition  
to the normal RPS submission of the proposal, target forms,  
etc. In order to do this, users must create and activate an NSPIRES  

Go to NSPIRES: https://nspires.nasaprs.com/external/ 
Click on Registration Information in Right Menu Bar 
Click on Begin Registration (ignore the SYS_EYFUS option) 
Answer all the personal questions and complete the process 
Wait about 5 minutes for an account activation email with the 
Subject: NASA NSPIRES- User registration confirmation 
Follow the instructions to activate your account. 

You can now submit NOIs and enter NSPIRES cover pages to  
your authorized organizational representative (AOR) for them to  

As in previous years, PIs submit RXTE Target Forms and Scientific  
Justification (Stage 1) proposals through the usual RPS electronic  
submission process. RPS pages may be accessed at: 


Please note that ONLY the Proposal Cover Page or NOI should  
be submitted via NSPIRES. DO NOT UPLOAD any other  
proposal documents via NSPIRES (although it is possible to  
do this). Use RPS to do upload the RPS cover pages and the 
scientific justification of the proposals. 


2.  PIs at US Institutions: NSPIRES Cover Page Submission Steps 

Important: Your Authorized Organization Representative (and not you)  
submits your cover pages to NSPIRES once you have entered all the  
information and completed the Cover Page process. When you do this,  
you have ?released? the cover pages, enabling your AOR to submit it  
on behalf of your institution. If you do not know who your AOR is,  
find this person through your office of sponsored research immediately  
and give them a heads-up that you need them to submit the NSPIRES  
cover pages for you by September 19, at 4:30PM EST. 

US PIs do not need to submit a Notice of Intent. 


3.  PIs at Institutions outside the US: NSPIRES NOI Submission Steps 


All PIs located at non-US instititutions must complete and submit  
electronically an NSPIRES Notice of Intent (NOI). This can be done by  
the PI, and does not require the approval of their institution. You do 
to register and set up an NSPIRES account but your institution does not 
need to register. 

The XTE GOF staff is anxious to help RXTE PIs with their Cycle 11  
submissions. Do not hesitate to drop us an email at 

xtehelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov or call Padi Boyd at 301-286-2550  
if you have other questions about submitting a proposal for RXTE  
Cycle 11. 


Padi Boyd 
RXTE Guest Observer Facility 
A service of the RXTE GOF, NASA/GSFC

Please do not reply to this email.
Questions or comments should go to: