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10th birthday of RXTE!

This coming Dec. 30 will be the 10th birthday of RXTE!  We have
begun planning a celebration for Jan. 12-13, 2006, immediately
following the January AAS meeting in Washington, D.C. (Jan. 8-12).
The celebration will be held at Goddard Space Flight Center in
Greenbelt, MD, and will include:

1) A party 4-8 pm Jan. 12 at the Goddard recreation center

2) A program of science talks 8:30 am - 3 p.m. Jan. 13 (B.3 auditorium,

3) The Goddard Scientific Colloquium 3:30-4:30 pm on Jan. 13:
"The Impact of Rossi XTE on General Relativistic and High
Energy Astrophysics" - Fred Lamb

4) A users group meeting especially focused on the subject of plans for
a submission to the 2006 senior review.

If you are interested in attending please read on, and note
especially the TIME CRITICAL ACTIONS listed at the end of this

The January AAS, meeting has many sessions in the program that will be
of interest to those who use RXTE data. The AAS meeting finishes midday
on Jan. 12.  We invite all XTE users, enthusiasts, and interested
others to come to Greenbelt after attending the meeting.  The XTE
team will reserve a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn, Greenbelt,
for the nights of Jan. 12-13.  We will also be helping to arrange
transportation from DC to Greenbelt and between the Holiday Inn and
Goddard on Friday.

The program on Friday at Goddard will include invited talks on Stellar
Black Holes, AGN, and Neutron Stars and a few contributed talks. There
is also room for posters.

If you think you would be able to attend, please send send e-mail to Jean
Swank (swank@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov), with a title and brief abstract
if you would like to contribute.

If you will be sending an abstract to the AAS note that the deadline
is imminent.


If you wish to submit an abstract to the AAS meeting, the deadline is
October 19, 9 PM EDT = October 20, 1 AM UT. I.e. this Wednesday

If you are a foreign national and will want to come to Goddard, *we
must apply as soon as possible for a badge*, so please let Terri
Shaffer know. (terri@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov).
A service of the RXTE GOF, NASA/GSFC

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