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ASCA news

Dear ASCA users:

The command transponder at Kagoshima Space Center was broken down on
November 24 and we had taken two days to repair it. After then when
we started ASCA operation agian on Nov. 26, we noticed that the 
current monitor of S1 gyro again became unstable. On Nov. 27 ASCA
transfered at last into the safe hold mode due to the degradation
of the S1 gyro. We have decided to replace S1 gyro with another spare gyro.
The operation for restructuring the ACS system will start from
today (Nov. 29) preceeding the prviously announced plan.

The observation of NGC 7469 (Matsuoka) scheduled on Nov. 24 was
achieved only partly. MR2251-178 (11/25; Otani), NGC4051 (11/25; PV),
NGC3628 (11/26; Kunieda), NGC3690 (11/26; Watarai), and LMC X-4
(11/27-28; Nagase/Clark/Vrtilek) were not observed. Rescheduled
NGC3516 (11/28; Halpern) is not observed. Significant disturbances 
are suspected for the observation schedules in the following several
days. Revised timeline will be issued when we settle stable operation
of ASCA.