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Corrected instructions for copying APS3

A few errors have been found in Appendix A in the ASCA Research 
Announcement.  The errors are in section A.2 How to Copy APS3 This 
section should read as follows:

                          How to Copy APS3

To download APS3 to your home machine, log into the FTP account on 
LEGACY as follows:

  Connection opened (Assuming 8-bit connection)
  <LEGACY.GSFC.NASA.GOV Multinet FTP Server Process 2.2(11)
  Foreign username:  anonymous
  <anonymous user ok.  Send real ident as password.
  Password:  user's e-mail address
  LEGACY.GSFC.NASA.GOV> cd asca/nra_info/aps3
  LEGACY.GSFC.NASA.GOV> type backup (for vax version only)
  LEGACY.GSFC.NASA.GOV> get (tar file or backup, see below)

After logging on with username anonymous, the user should give his/her  
e-mail address as password.  Then change to the aps3 subdirectory  (cd 
asca/nra_info/aps3).  APS3 currently is available for three platforms: 
VAX (VMS), DECstation (ULTRIX), and SUN (UNIX).  For DECstation ULTRIX 
users, get the ultrix tar file (get aps3_ulx_exe.tar.Z).  For SUN UNIX 
users, get the sun4 tar file (get aps3_sun4_exe.tar.Z).  For VAX VMS 
users, if you have multinet FTP then enter the "type backup" command 
before getting the backup saveset (get aps3_vms_exe.bck).  Other 
versions of ftp may or may not support copying of a VMS backup saveset 
residing on a Unix machine.  In this case, please consult your system 
administrators, or contact the APS3 Administrator and we will arrange 
for you to copy the saveset via DECnet from a VMS machine.  Source code 
is also available for those who are interested.  Again, contact the APS3 
Administrator for more information.

Once you have the tar file or backup saveset on your home machine you  
must unpack it.  For UNIX and ULTRIX machines, use uncompress and tar 

  % zcat aps3_ulx_exe.tar | tar xvf -

For VMS machines, you will need to execute the BACKUP command


All files must reside in the same subdirectory on the home machine.  To 
run  APS3 follow the steps outlined in the following section.


My apologies for any confusion this might have caused.
Thank you,
Margo Duesterhaus
Proposal Manager