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ASCA Workshop on Instrument Calibration

Dear ASCA users,

We are having a meeting on ASCA instrument caribrations at ISAS on
December 6-7 to review current status of ASCA calibration.
Followings are the preliminary agenda of the meeting. We welcome
your comments and suggestions. Please send your comments to N. White
or me prior to the meeting if you have issues related to calibration and
you cannot attend the meeting. If we recieve some important issues
we will try to include those into the discussion items.

Fumiaki Nagase
Workshop on ASCA instrument calibration (preliminary program)
	Date;	1995 December 6-7
	Place;	ISAS 2nd floor Conference Room (Dec. 6) &
		     1st floor Conference Room (Dec. 7)	

ASCA operation and observation status		- F. Nagase 		
Critical review of current calibration status 	- R. Mushotsuky		
Problems raised from data analysis:
	Nitrogen abundance anomolies in stars 	- Nick White 		
	AGN community concerns 			- Tahir Yaqoob		
SIS calibration;
	Current status of SIS response generator  - Geoff Crew		
        Low energy calibration with 3C58 & 3C273  - K. Torii, T. Dotani	
        New DFE correction program 		- T. Otani		
        CTI calibration with Cas A 		- A. Yamashita		
        Gain, resolution and their histories 	- T. Dotani		
        SIS temperature trend analysis 		- Keith Gendreau	
        What to do about grade 6 events? 	- Koji Mukai		
XRT/GIS calibration;
        Improved response function (RMF,ARF) and relative 		
	normalization of SIS and GIS 		- M. Ishida		
        Gain history and gain map 		- T. Kubo 		
        Properties of non X-ray background 	- K. Makishima		
	Stray light from offset Crab obs.	- TBD  			
        Status of release of ray-tracing program  - A.Furusawa, H.Awaki 
Other items;
        ASCA time assignment/conversion 	- H.Hirayama, F.Nagase  
        Positional accuracy 			- Eric Gotthelf		
        SIS Source catalog and Rev 2 processing - Eric Gotthelf		
	discussions on calibration issues to be worked in AO4 phase