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ASCA AO3 TOO sign-up

Dear ASCA users,

I have signed up analysis team (PI, Co-Is and Invited Co-I(s)) as follow
for the three TOO observations performed during the later phase of AO3. 
I hope each assigned PI will coordinate the team effectively and obtain 
good results.

F. Nagase

target		observation	PI		Co-I		Invited Co-I
Nova Sco 	Aug.15	10:50	Y. Ueda		H. Inoue	K. Ebisawa
		 -Aug.16 4:20			T. Takahashi
						T. Kotani

GRO J1750-27	Sep.25		T. Dotani	F. Nagase	B. Vaughan
		  8:40-21:00			K. Koyama
						H. Maeda

SGR 1806-20	Oct.16		N. Kawai	T. Murakami	C. Kouveliotou
		  1:00-9:00			A. Yoshida
(note 1) Other Japanese ASCA team members who wish to contribute can join
	 the analysis team of these TOO observations by getting agreement 
	 with the PI of each target.
(note 2) Invited Co-Is can get FRF file through PI and they can also get
	 data through NASA/GSFC/ASCA-GOF if they wish FITS format data.