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Revised ASCA long-term timeline

Dear ASCA users;

During the abnormal operation of ASCA for two weeks since the trouble
of Skew-2 gyro that happened on April 23, the previous long term timeline
was significantly disterbed. Paul Hilton has worked to establish new
timeline after the event for the later half of AO4 observations. Many
targets are shifted for a week or two, except for the time constrainted
targets. The new schedule is very busy and tight, even no mergin for maneuver,
and I suspect that there will happen delays of real allocation in a 
week or two at the end of AO4. Currently all priority-C targets that
were in the previous timeline are in the new schedule, However I will judge 
later near the end of AO4 if we can observe all of these scheduled priority-C 
targets by the extended allocation to the AO4 and AO5 transition phase 
without serious impact to the targets to be accepted in AO5. If not, we 
might be forced to cancel several priority-C targets at the end of AO4 

You can see the updated long-term timeline through WWW on the ISAS ASCA
home page,
(you can see the "mirrored" ASCA timeline on the ASCA page at Goddard). 
If you have some inconvenience for the observation of your target(s), please
contact Paul to "paul@astro.isas.ac.jp".  Note also that some minor changes 
will be made on the timeline without notice (you will be able to follow
the changes by monitoring the timeline update in the WWW ASCA home page).  

F. Nagase