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Senior Review

               Important Notice Regarding ASCA

The current funding for US participation in the ASCA program ends
at the end of FY 1997 (Sept 1997). This includes funding for 
the guest observer facility and guest observer grants. In July a senior 
review will be held to rate the current quality and future promise of
the ASCA program. This review will also review the current funding for
FY 1997 and make recommendations regarding this and additional funding 
for FY 1998. The review will also give guidelines for FY1999 and 2000. 
Other programs in this review include XTE, ROSAT, CGRO, EUVE, ISO grants and 
the ISO data center. 

Members of the ASCA users group, the ASCA GOF staff and the ASCA instrument
team in the US are preparing a proposal to be made to the senior review. We
would like this proposal to reflect the most recent results from the ASCA
observatory. In particular any results that are currently in press or close to
being ready for submission. This information is needed to project the expected
publications for the coming year, and to ensure that we include the most
recent results in the proposal.

If you have recent results that have not yet appeared in the refereed 
literature, please send as soon as possible a preprint to the ASCA project 
scientist Nick White either by e-mail (ps file or http address) to 
white@adhoc.gsfc.nasa.gov or regular mail to Code 662, GSFC, Greenbelt, 
MD 20771.