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ASCA NRA released


                          SOLICITATION FOR THE
                       ASCA GUEST OBSERVER PROGRAM


This NRA is the fifth announcement for the ASCA Guest Observer Program and
solicits proposals for observations during the U.S. and collaborative
Japan/U.S. observing time that will begin mid-December 1996, and last for
approximately one year; further opportunities are expected at regular


* Only individuals affiliated with US institutions are eligible to
propose for ASCA guest investigations through NASA; this requirement
does not extend to co-Investigators.

* The proposal reviews are now done in two phases.  In this phase,
only scientific proposals are being solicited.  Successful PIs (after
the US review and the international merging meeting) will be invited
to submit budget proposals in phase 2.

* Proposals with Japanese co-Is must select 'US/Japanese collaborative time'
on the general form.

* Electronic submission of proposal forms is required.  See Appendix D
for details on how to use the RPS system.


* US co-investigators of Japanese or ESA proposals, if selected,
may submit budget proposals in phase 2.  However, those who intend
to do so must submit copies of the science proposals to the US review:
see Appendix C Section 1C for details.

Appendices to the NRA are available in 3 forms:

(1) Via the World-Wide Web, under 'NASA Research Announcement' on
    the ASCA GOF home page at:
(2) In LaTeX and/or PostScript format, from the anonymous ftp account on
    in directory
    (see also figures subdirectory for PostScript figures).
(3) In hard copy form; send requests to:

Any questions regarding this NRA should be sent via e-mail to

The full text of the NASA Research Announcement follows.

				Dr. Rob Petre,
				ASCA program manager.


                          SOLICITATION FOR THE
                       ASCA GUEST OBSERVER PROGRAM


This NASA Research Announcement (NRA) solicits basic research proposals for
participation in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
program for analysis of scientific data from ASCA (formerly the Astro-D
satellite). The ASCA mission is a cooperative X-ray astronomy program
between the United States and Japan.1 ASCA was launched February 20, 1993.
After the initial performance verification (PV) phase, which ended in
October 1993, approximately 15 percent of the observing time is allocated to
the United States, and an additional 25 percent is allocated to joint
Japan/U.S. investigations.

This NRA is the fifth announcement for the ASCA Guest Observer Program and
solicits proposals for observations during the U.S. and collaborative
Japan/U.S. observing time that will begin mid-December 1996, and last for
approximately one year; further opportunities are expected at regular
intervals. Letters of Intent to Propose are not required.

The intent of this program is to enhance U.S.-Japanese scientific
cooperation, in keeping with the bilateral agreement between the U.S. and
Japan. Only investigators affiliated with U.S. institutions may apply.
Participation is open to all categories of organizations, including
educational institutions, NASA Centers, profit and not-for-profit
organizations, and other Government agencies. Proposals may be submitted at
any time during the period ending August 6, 1996. Proposals received after
that date will be held for the next review cycle. The proposal review
process will be directed by the cognizant discipline scientist at NASA
Headquarters, Office of Space Science. Proposals will be evaluated by
scientific peer-review panels and other national and international review
committees, with a goal of announcing selection by December 1996.

A total of $1.2 million is planned for the support of Guest Observers during
this observing period. NASA expects to support 80-100 investigations,
consisting of a mixture of large, medium and small programs.

Funds are not presently available for awards under this NRA. The
Government's obligation to make awards is contingent upon the availabilty of
appropriated funds and the receipt of proposals which the Government
determines are acceptable for an award. A proposal that is scientifically
and programmatically meritorious but cannot be accepted during its initial
review under an NRA because of funding uncertainties may be included in
subsequent reviews unless the offeror requests otherwise. Budgets are not to
be submitted in response to this solicitation. After the observing program
has been determined, NASA will contact investigators whose proposals have
been accepted for budget requests.

Proposers whose investigations are selected will have proprietary use of
their data for 12 months after receipt of the data in a usable form after
which time the data will be made available to other interested

Further details relevant to this program are included in Appendices A-F to
this NRA. Requests for paper copies of these appendices should be directed
to the address on the next page.


PROPOSAL DUE DATE: August 6, 1996

NUMBER REQUIRED: 15 (including signed original)

SUBMIT PROPOSALS TO:                         ASCA Guest Observer Program
                                             NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
                                                     Code 660.2
                                                     Building 2, Roon 250
                                                     Greenbelt, MD 20771
                                                     (301) 286-8443

SELECTING OFFICIAL:             Director, Research Program Management Division
                                             Office of Space Science

REQUEST APPENDICES:                          ASCA Guest Observer Facility
A-F FROM:                                    NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
                                                     Code 660.2
                                                     Greenbelt, MD 20771
                                                      (301) 286-286-2291
                                                      Fax:  (301) 286-1684

OBTAIN APPENDICES		  ftp://legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov/asca/nra_info/


ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMATIC                 Dr. Louis J. Kaluzienski
INFORMATION CAN BE                              Code SR
OBTAINED FROM:                                  NASA Headquarters
                                                Washington, DC  20546
                                                (202) 358-0365
                                                 Fax:  (202) 358-3097

ADDRESS TECHNICAL                              Dr. Nicholas E. White
QUESTIONS TO:                                  ASCA Guest Observer Facility
                                                     Code 662
                                            NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center
                                                     Greenbelt, MD 20771
                                                     (301) 286-286-8443
                                                     Fax:  (301) 286-1684

NASA appreciates your interest and cooperation in participating in the ASCA
Guest Observer Program.

Dr. Alan N. Bunner
Science Program Director
Structure and Evolution of the Universe Office of Space Science

NRA 96-ASCA-05



  1. ASCA Program Description.
  2. Instructions for Responding to NASA Research Announcements.
  3. Additional Information Regarding Proposal Submission, Evaluation,
     Selection, and Implementation.
  4. Proposal Forms and Institutional Certifications.
  5. ASCA Technical Description.
  6. ASCA Observing Program, comprising observations currently planned or
     performed in PV phase and AO1-4.

1 "Asuka," which means "Flying Bird," is pronounced As'ka, which led to the
pun ASCA, standing for 'Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics.'