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A typhoon hit KSC

Dear ASCA users,

On August 14's morning a typhoon has hit KSC and the electric power to
the KSC facilities was stopped. Therefore we were not able to operate ASCA
for all the passes of the day. We have re-started ASCA operation from 
the first pass on August 15. By this events we estimate that only about 
30 % of allocated exposure for Cen A lobe (PI: Kaneda) and about 70% of
allocated time for ACO 3570 (PI: Stewart) are obtained. However, I do not
plan to supply the lack of exposure time for the two targets, since they 
are priority-C targets. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Observations
of NGC 1068 and targets after that will be performed regularly along the

Best regards,
Fumiaki Nagase