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FTOOLS update for ASCA

ASCA Users,

We have discovered a number of problems with the recently released patch 3.5.1
to the ASCA FTOOLS. We are releasing a new patch, 3.5.2 which should be
installed as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience, and have
taken steps to improve the testing of patched releases to ensure this does not
happen again.

The new patch is available via anonymous FTP at legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov. 
These should be installed on top of the existing FTOOLS v3.5 package,
either with or without 3.5.1.  All the necessary files are contained
in the directory


You should download and read the installation instructions (INSTALL_ASCA352)
first; the patch itself (with a short release note and a shell script to
install the patch) can be found in asca352.tar.gz.

Below we summarize the problems in ASCA patch 3.5.1 that are believed to
be fixed in 3.5.2, followed by some problems in the current FTOOLS that
are not fixed in this patch.

========================FIXED PROBLEMS=============================
(1) ascaarf

Used to generate the Ancilary Response Files by users.

Problem: Users with CALDB could not make correct GIS ARF with the message,

	Warning : cal. file seems to be wrong type
        File : /caldb/data/asca/gis/bcf/s2bev1.fits
        Found WINTHICK but expected GRIDTRNS

--> Caused by inadvertent omission of several library subroutines; now included.

Problem: Users without CALDB were not using the latest effective area curves.

---> Caused by inadvertent omission of 2 updated files in the refdata area;
	now included.

Problem: Fails on Solaris due to an attempt to modify constant.

---> The subroutine in question has been fixed.

(2) ascalin

Typically not used by guest observers.

Problem: Pointing="user" mode did not work; raw to detector conversion was

---> Fixed.

(3) cleansis

Typically called from xselect and/or ascascreen to remove hot/flickering
pixels from SIS data)

Problem: The program runs, and removes the most obvious hot/flickering pixels,
	but leaves lower level flickering pixels in the data.

---> Interation was accidentally turned off during the linux port by a
	programmer; fixed.

=========================REMAINING PROBLEMS============================

(1) Extractor
* Fails on some Solaris systems due to an attempt to modify a constant.
	---> not included in this patch, but a patch is available on request.
* If sky coordinate is selected, wmap is not made correctly, resulting
in an incorrect arf.
	---> being fixed for the next release of FTOOLS
* The standard region selection (to exclude the calibration source) for
	GIS 64x64 spatial resolution mode fails.
	---> being investigated; point source data from the center of the
		FOV can be extracted without problems.

(2) Sisrmg
* The event threshold/lower level discriminator is not used correctly
for PI spectra.
	---> being fixed.