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Dear ASCA users,

We had Japan/US ASCA AO5 merging meeting on Nobember 14-15 and finished
successfully the selection and merging of AO5 targets. To inform you
quickly the results, the list of targets finally accepted at the meeting 
will be loaded on the WWW home pages of the ISAS X-ray group and NASA/GSFC 
ASCA GOF, as well the ESA homepage within a day. 

The cycle-5 guest observation for the AO5 targets will start on December 24, 
1996. A first version of the long-term timeline for a year of AO5 targets 
will be released by the end of Nobember after optimizing the observation
efficiency and adjusting allocation of time constrainted observations, which 
will be also loded on the ISAS/NASA WWW home pages when it is relreased. 
Meantime, those who wish to confirm about the time constraints should 
contact Paul ("paul@astro.isas.ac.jp').

Thank you for your cooperation.
Fumiaki Nagase