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Second Announcement for the ASCA Cherry Blossom Workshop

   Second Announcement for the ASCA Cherry Blossom Workshop

The ASCA Guest Observer Facility is sponsoring a three day workshop to hear
the latest results from ASCA, discuss calibration and analysis techniques, and
consider future observing strategies. This workshop will be held April 2-4,
1997 at the Dupont Plaza Hotel, a downtown Washington DC hotel located in the
heart of the Dupont Circle area. This is one of the most vibrant districts of
Washington DC, and contains many good quality restaurants, book stores, art
galleries and coffee bars. The hotel is a few steps from the Metro/subway.
Further details about booking rooms at the hotel will be circulated in a
future announcement.

This 2nd announcement is a reminder that the early registration deadline 
is Jan 31, 1997. To qualify for the reduced registration fee, please 
register on or before this date. Also we encourage you to submit abstracts
for presentation as soon as possible, to help the workshop organizing 
committee in establishing the program. The registration and abstract
submission can be made using the World Wide Web at


where further details about the meeting can be found.