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Travel & Funding Support for the Cherry Blossom Meeting

          Travel and Funding Support for the ASCA Cherry Blossom Meeting

This note is to clarify the funding available to support travel to the ASCA
Cherry Blossom meeting. This support is available to ensure that the maximum
number of people involved with ASCA investigations will be able to participate.
Priority will be with priority given to ASCA PIs, CoIs and students. Currently
the available funds are not fully subscribed. This funding can cover travel,
meals, accommodation and registration fees. The funding will be reimbursed
through Jorge Scientific, the contractor who is handling the meeting
logistics. Please apply for funding by checking the appropriate box on the
registration form and should be made as soon as possible, with a cutoff date
for funding applications is February 17, 1997. 

Please note that today (Jan 31, 1997) is the deadline for the reduced 
registration fee. Please see


for registration and other workshop information.