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ASCA weekly

| ASCA TOO of BL Lacertae |
As you may know, a typical Blazar, BL Lacertae is currently undergoing 
a major optical outburst IAUC 6693, 6700). A TOO observation of CGRO 
has started on July 15 and presumably continue till July 22. Several 
monitoring pointings by RXTE are planned during the CGRO observation. 
An ASCA TOO observation in coordination with CGRO/RXTE was requested 
by Prof. F. Makino and we decided to accept the request.

The TOO observation of BL Lac is scheduled to start on July 18 14:00(UT)
and finish on July 19 14:40(UT) with an exposure time of about 40 ksec, 
by replacing with the target in the span, 5C12-75 (PI: K. Hayashida). 
The observation of 5C12-75 will be held over to the next visible window.
The PI of the ASCA TOO observation of BL Lac is F. Makino; CoIs are
J. Mattox, T. Takahashi,  T. Kii, M. Tashiro, N. Kawai and K. Hayashida.

F. Nagase
July 18 - 28,  1997		ver-4   (97/07/17)
(ISAS contact scientist:  Y. UEDA	(ueda@astro.isas.ac.jp)
Date	MNV	Target 		Tag. 	Exp.	Observation	PI or 
	start	name  		Cat.	(ks)	Cat.  Pri./TC	 ( PPI/Co-PI)
7/18	14:00	BL Lacertae	AGN	40	MOT	TOO	F. Makino

7/19	14:40	Eta Carina #2	Star	20	MOT	TOO	M. Corcoran

7/19	 3:40	NGC 4593 #2	AGN	20	JUS	3/n	H. Kunieda

7/20	16:30	NGC 5813	Gal.	20	US	2/n	R. Mushotzky

7/21	 9:50	NGC 404 #1	Gal.	20	JUS	2/n	Y. Terashima

7/21	23:10	CL0107+31 S1	CG	25	JPN	1/n	K. Yamashita
							(AO4 Supplement)
7/22	16:40	5C 12 235	CG	40	JPN	2/n	K. Hayashida

7/23	18:10	MS 1555.1+4522	AGN	40	JPN	2/n	I. Hayashi

7/24	19:50	Mrk 957		AGN	40	USJ	2/n	C. Gaskell

7/25	21:20	A 267		CG	40	MUJ	2/n	H. Ebeling
								/T. Tamura
7/26	22:50	NGC 404 #2	Gal.	20	JUS	2/n	Y. Terashima

7/27	11:30	Field-1		CXB	40	ESJ	2/n	I. McHardy
(7/28	11:30	MNV to next target)

(Note) Obs. Cat. JPN: Japan time, US: US time, JUS: Japan-US Collaboration, 
USJ: US-Japan Collaboration,  MJU: Merged Japan-US (PPI=Japan), 
MUJ: Merged US-Japan (PPI=US),  ESJ: ESA-Japan Program, 
MOT: Manager's observatory time (Calibration and maintenance)