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HEASARC downtime

Some of you will receive multiple copies of this message
	--- we apologize for the added inconvenience.

      ******* Attention all HEASARC, RXTE, ASCA and ROSAT users!! ********

The air conditioning systems in GSFC building 2 will be out this weekend for
servicing and as a precaution against damage due to overheating we will be
turning off the HEASARC computers and jukeboxes. We apologise for any
inconvienence this causes. The computers will be brought down starting
at 6pm US East coast time Friday July 18, and will come back up after 3pm on 
Sunday July 20. Over this interval the HEASARC, ASCA, RXTE, and ROSAT web 
sites and archives will not be accessible.

Thanks for your understanding.