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Fwd: Re: March Conference

Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this ....

|  1st Circular of                                                      |
|                                                                       |
|  ASCA Symposium on                                                    |
|                                                                       |
|          HEATING AND ACCELERATION IN THE UNIVERSE                     |
|                                                                       |
|		 Minamiosawa Cultural Hall, Hachiouji, Tokyo, Japan     |
|                17-19 March 1999                                       |
|                                                                       |
|                http://www.astro.isas.ac.jp/conference/ascasymp4/            |
|                                                                       |
|                                                        August 20,1998 |

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce that the fourth international ASCA
symposium, organized by the Institute of Space and Astronautical
Science,  will be held on March 17th - 19th, 1999 in Tokyo, Japan.

Objective :

This is the 4th ASCA symposium following three fruitful meetings held
in 1994 (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.), 1996 (Waseda Univ.), and in 1997
(Washington D.C.), celebrating the 6th anniversary of ASCA's launch.
The purpose of the symposium is to bring together the recent
observational results obtained during the six successful years of ASCA
and the achievements of other space missions with possible inclusion
of the long awaited AXAF, and to deepen our understanding of the X-ray
and gamma-ray universe and its evolution.

Through high resolution spectroscopic and imaging studies of cosmic
objects, we are entering into an exciting new stage of high-energy
astronomy. The field has been enriched in earlier periods through
discoveries of X-ray emission from all categories of objects. Now, the
high quality of the observational data allows us to look almost
directly at the underlying physical processes in the X-ray emitting
objects. Heating of plasma and acceleration of particles are the key
processes working in the strong X-ray and gamma-ray emitting systems.
The purpose of this symposium is to reach deeper understanding of
physical mechanisms which cause strong heating or acceleration to high
energy in the universe in the light of new observational data. We
hope the symposium provides an occasion for substantial discussion
about the most energetic physical processes in celestial objects.

The symposium will address the following scientific topics.
        1. Heating in galaxies and clusters of galaxies
        2. Acceleration in SNRs and pulsars
        3. Acceleration in jets
                --- from galactic micro QSOs to Blazars
        4. Heating in accretion disks
        5. New frontiers in future missions
                --- Astro-E, AXAF, XMM, Abrixas, etc

We would like you to note that the symposium has been planned to
commemorate the achievements and contributions of Professor Fumiyoshi
Makino at ISAS and Professor Masaru Matsuoka at RIKEN who are both
going to retire in March from their present chairs.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

P.C. Agrawal (TIFR, India)
W. Brinkmann (MPE, Germany)
M. Elvis (CfA, USA)
G. Hasinger (AIP, Germany)
H. Inoue (Chair, ISAS, Japan)
N. Kawai (RIKEN, Japan)
K. Koyama (Kyoto Univ., Japan)
G. Madejski (NASA/GSFC, USA)
K. Makishima (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
J. Mattox (Boston Univ., USA)
L. Piro (CNR, Italy)
M.J. Turner (Univ. of Leicester, UK)
M. Urry (STSCI, USA)

Local Oraganizing Committee:

T. Ohashi (Chair, Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
T. Takahashi (Co-Chair, ISAS)
M. Ishida (ISAS)
F. Iwata (Secretary, ISAS)
T. Mihara (RIKEN)
M. Ozaki (ISAS)
M. Tashiro (University of Tokyo)

Invited Speakers:

The program will include invited talks by

F. Aharonian (MPK), W. Brinkmann (MPE),  G. Fabbiano (CfA),
J. Hughes (Rutgers U)*, T. Kifune (ICRRP), G. Madejski (NASA/GSFC),
K. Makishima (Univ. of Tokyo), J. Mattox (Boston), F. Takahara (Osaka Univ.),
M. Urry (STSCI), M. Markevitch (CfA),  L. Piro (CNR)

* to be confirmd

Duration of Conference:

The meeting will begin in the morning of Wednesday, March 17th, 1999 and
end in the afternoon on Friday, March 19th, 1999.

Contributed Papers:

The Workshop will comprise invited talks, contributed oral
presentations, and presentations in the form of posters.  Abstracts
for proposed contributed papers should be submitted before the dead
line.  Please prepare an abstract using a LaTeX template attatched to
the registration form, not exceeding 200 words.  A collection of these
abstracts will be handed out to the conference participants.  They
will also serve for the final planning of the conference programme and
the selection of the contributions admitted for the oral presentation.
The deadline of registration is November 15, 1998. Those who wish to
make an oral controibution are encouraged to submit the abstract as
early as possible. You may submit the abstract: (a) via our web page
(preferred): "
http://www.astro.isas.ac.jp/conference/ascasymp4/, or (b) by
e-mailing the attached registration form to:
"ascasymp@astro.isas.ac.jp".  We will inform the authors about the
acceptance of the oral contribution by the end of November.


We are looking at the possibility of publishing in a refereed journal.
Instructions will be announced during the Symposium.

Summary of Schedule:

Aug. 20           First circular

End of October    Second Circular with Tentative Programme

Nov. 15           Dead line for Registration

End of November   Paper acceptance notification (by e-mail)

End of January    Third Circular with final programme, transportation
                  information, etc.


      The Workshop banquet will be held at the Keio-Plaza Hotel TAMA
on Thursday, March 18. The cost of the dinner will be included in your


      A block booking has been made for participants at the Keio-Plaza
Hotel TAMA (1-43 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo, 206-0033, Japan).  The room rate
will be 9,500 JYEN or 10,500 JYEN (single room, including tax).
Breakfast is 1,500 JYEN extra. Reservations should be made directly to
the hotel (fax +81-42-374-1552) ; please mention that you are part of
the "4TH ASCA SYMPOSIUM" group. The hotel is conveniently located, and
the conference hall can be reached from the hotel by a train ( two
stops, 10 min ). There is no hotel in walking distance from the
conference hall.


We will be able to accommodate 150--200 participants.  The
registration fee of 20,000JYEN cover the conference materials, a copy
of the proceeding and banquet.  We will have a discount students' fee
of 10,000JYEN, which does not cover the banquet. The cost of the
banquet for spouses will be 5,000JYEN.

The deadline for registration and submission of contributed papers is
November 15th, 1998. We encourage you to submit your registration via
http://www.astro.isas.ac.jp/conference/ascasymp4/".  If you do not
access to the web or would like to alter some information that was
submitted, you may use instead the e-mail registration form available
at the end of this announcement. This form should be e-mailed to

Contact Address:

	Ms. I. Yamagishi (Asca Symposium)
	Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
	3-1-1 Yoshinodai, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 229-8510, Japan,
	( tel: +81-427-59-8154 )
	( fax: +81-427-59-8455 )
	( e-mail : ascasymp@astro.isas.ac.jp)

		ASCA Symposium
     Heating and Acceleration in the Universe

             Workshop Registration Form

        SEE "

         <<<<< Registration Form >>>>>

   Please fill in [ ]. As this will be processed electronically,
   please do not modify this form.

o. Name(surname, given name):
        [                                                  ]

o. Institute:
        [                                                  ]

o. Postal address:
        [                                                  ]
        [                                                  ]
        [                                                  ]
        [                                                  ]

o. Country:
        [                                                  ]

o. E-mail address(internet is preferable):
        [                                                  ]

o. Phone:
        [                                                  ]

o. FAX:
        [                                                  ]

o. Do you intend to contribute a paper ? (oral/poster/none):
        [       ]

o. Title of the paper:
        [                                                  ]
        [                                                  ]

         <<<<< Form for Abstract >>>>>

ABSTRACT: if you plan to have a presentaion, send abstract using the following
   LaTeX template. (You are encouraged to submit an abstract now,
   although final deadline of registration is 15th of November)

%  Latex form for abstracts of the 4th ASCA Symposium
\documentstyle {report} \hoffset-6mm\voffset-22mm
\font\big=cmb10 scaled \magstep3

{\large\bf \centering
%  please type the title here; e.g. Recent Results from ASCA
Recent Results from ASCA

%  please type the authors here
%  e.g.,    Author A.$^1$, Author B.$^1$, and Author C.$^2$
Author A.$^1$, Author B.$^1$, and Author C.$^2$

%  please type the institute affiliations of all authors here
%  e.g.  $^1$ISAS, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan\newline
%        $^2$NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA
$^1$ISAS, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan\newline
$^2$NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

%  please type the abstract text here  (maximum 200 words)
please type the abstract text here  (<maximum 200 words)

% Please email this form back before November 15, 1998 to:
%      ascasymp@astro.isas.ac.jp
% Thank you for your cooperation
 ------------------------END OF REGISTRATION FORM-----------------