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Workshop on X-ray Interferometry, 28-29 January 1999

Workshop on X-ray Interferometry, 28-29 January 1999, Boulder, Colorado

Web sites:  http://maxim.gsfc.nasa.gov and

NASA is sponsoring a two day workshop on the science and technology of
X-ray Interferometry. This has the potential of achieving micro-arc second
imaging, which could ultimately lead to a micro arc second X-ray imaging
mission, MAXIM. Please see the website at http://maxim.gsfc.nasa.gov

We invite interested scientists and engineers to help define what
could become one of the most exciting astrophysical initiatives of the next
decade. The workshop will be on January 28 and 29, 1999. and is hosted by
Webster Cash and the Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy at the
University of Colorado in Boulder. NASA and CASA will be covering the basic
expenses for the meeting and no registration fee will be charged.

The primary goal of the workshop is to establish the scientific goals of
micro arc second imaging and the technical challenges of X-ray
interferometry. The MAXIM study group has already identified direct imaging
of black hole event horizons as a central scientific theme for the meeting.
The workshop will further clarify the scientific return and technical
challenges of such a mission.  The workshop will also consider other micro
arc second imaging astrophysics, such as detailed pictures of stellar
coronae, and high energy phenomena in planetary systems.

An outcome of the MAXIM study is practical concepts for achieving x-ray
interferometry. The MAXIM group has already identified some very promising
technologies. Presentations on the current state of the art will be made.
Additional ideas and concepts to achieve the technical requirements are

Papers on either science with micro-second angular resolution, or the
technology to achieve this are welcome. These will by default be poster
presentations. Some of these papers may be selected for oral presentation.

To register for the meeting and submit a paper visit
For information on travel to the workshop visit
Webster Cash can be contacted at 303-492-4056 or cash@casa.colorado.edu for
additional information.