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RXTE Rossi Prizewinners

Dear Friends of RXTE,

We were most gratified to receive notification yesterday that we have
been awarded the 1999 Rossi Prize of the HEAD Division of the AAS for
our roles in bringing about RXTE. However, the reality is that the
success of RXTE has been due to all your contributions, large and
small, ongoing and over past years, technical and adminstrative, and
above all scientific. Your efforts have created an enormously
successful and scientifically productive mission. It has been highly
gratifying to us to see the great scientific strides being made with
RXTE, and that would have been reward enough. In fact, the 1999 Rossi
Prize truly belongs to ALL of you! We send our thanks and our
congratulations to each and every one of you! 

Happy New Year 

Jean Swank (NASA/GSFC) and Hale Bradt (MIT)