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X-ray Astronomy 1999 - Stellar Endpoints, AGN and the X-ray Background

X-ray Astronomy 1999 - Stellar Endpoints, AGN and the X-ray Background

1999, September 6-10
Bologna, Italy

The HEASARC and CNR Bologna are jointly organizing a symposium in Bologna
to highlight recent results from ASCA, BeppoSAX, CGRO, ROSAT and RXTE, and
hopefully the first results from AXAF and ABRIXAS. The symposium will
concentrate on X-ray binaries, AGN and the origin of the X-ray background.
Other related topics such as CVs and Gamma ray bursts will also be
included. This meeting is 10 years after the highly successful "Two Topics
in X-ray Astronomy" ESA/ESLAB symposium held in Bologna in 1989. This
earlier meeting preceded the launch of CCRO, ROSAT, ASCA, RXTE and
BeppoSAX and provided a time to reflect on the successes over the previous
decade and the future prospects. Likewise the 1999 meeting occurs at the
start of the next new era in X-ray astronomy with the coming launch of
AXAF, XMM, Astro-E and Spectrum XG. It will be a time to celebrate the
success of X-ray astronomy in the 1990s and look forward to even greater
things to come.

If you are interested in attending this symposium, please visit and
pre-register at the symposium web sites

http://www.tesre.bo.cnr.it/bo99/ (in Europe)


http://xray.gsfc.nasa.gov/bologna (in the USA and the rest of the world)

(We apologize if you receive multiple copies of this Announcement!)