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X-Ray Astronomy 2000


                    X-RAY ASTRONOMY 2000

Palace Hotel, Mondello, Palermo, 4-8 September 2000

Scientific Organizing Committee: J. Bleeker, A. Cavaliere,
C. Canizares, R. Giacconi (co-chair), G. Hasinger, S. Holt, F. Makino,
S. Murray, K. Pounds, R. Rosner, S. Serio (co-chair), L. Stella,
R. Sunyaev, Y. Tanaka, J. Truemper, G. Zamorani   

Local Organizing Committee: M. Barbera, F. Damiani, G. Fodera, G. Liggio, 
A. Maggio, G. Micela, D. Randazzo, G. Vitale

This is the preliminary announcement of a meeting on X-ray Astronomy to be
held in Mondello, Palermo (Sicily, Italy) on September 4-8, 2000. The
meeting is organized by Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo and is
the first of a series of events meant to celebrate the bicentenary of
Giuseppe Piazzi's discovery of Ceres from the tower of the Palermo
Observatory, on January 1st 1801.

The  meeting aims to bring about the exchange of the early results from
ABRIXAS, AXAF, XMM, and Astro-E , all due to be launched in advance of the 
meeting, and discuss the role of X-ray astronomy in the wider context of the
fronteers of astronomical knowledge and understanding.

The venue of the meeting will be the Palace Hotel in Mondello, a small
fishing village 5 km from Palermo, now a touristic resort with plenty of
restaurants, fast food shops, boutiques and swimming facilities.

Participants are expected to stay at the Mondello Palace Hotel (****), the
venue of the meeting, Hotel La Torre (***), Hotel Conchiglia D'Oro (**).
Costs for single/double rooms cannot yet be fixed, but will be of the
order of Euro 83/150, 73/110, 52/73 respectively, including continental
breakfast (at the current rate of exchange 1 Euro is approx. 1.1 US $)

Further information on Mondello, and instructions for registration
and logistics will be supplied in the second announcement, due around 
December 1999. Information will also be available on the conference web
page at http://www.astropa.unipa.it

If you are interested in receiving the second announcement, please fill
in the attached pre-registration form and send it to the following
e-mail address: xray2000@astropa.unipa.it

If you wish to be deleted from this mailing list, please advice us at
the same address.


                     X-RAY ASTRONOMY 2000

                Palace Hotel, Mondello, Palermo
                      4-8 September 2000

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Tentative title: _____________

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email;internet: xray2000@astropa.unipa.it
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