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INTEGRAL Data Analysis Workshop

                                           July 26, 2005

Dear Colleague;

     This letter is intended for U.S. INTEGRAL AO-1, 2
and 3 Guest Investigators, or for any other researcher with
an interest in the analysis and interpretation of INTEGRAL
archival data. 

     The NASA INTEGRAL Guest Observer Facility
(GOF) is planning to conduct a 2-day Data Analysis
Workshop. The goal of the workshop is to provide a basic
introduction to the the INTEGRAL mission, the capabilities
of its instruments and how to obtain, analyze and interpret
the data which they produce. In addition, some basic
elements of gamma-ray astronomy and its significance in the
larger context current astrophysics research will be
discussed. The intended audience is US INTEGRAL Guest
Investigators, graduate students or postdoctoral fellows
associated with those individuals, or any other astrophysics
researchers with an interest in gamma-ray astronomy. The
workshop will consist of a number of presentations by the
GOF staff (possibly augmented by outside participants,
depending on the number of attendees), as well as extensive
"hands-on" activity. We note that this is independent of an
analogous workshop being conducted during October 2005
at the ISDC. <http://isdc.unige.ch/>. 

     The workshop will take place at, or near, the NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt  Maryland in the
early November 2005 time frame. There will be no
registration fee; however, participants must cover their own
travel and accommodation expenses. Additional details will
be forthcoming on the NASA INTEGRAL GOF web page

     If you have an interest in attending such a workshop,
or have a student or postdoc you would like to send, we
request that you respond to this e-mail (see below). The number
of responses will then drive our final planning. More detailed
information would be subsequently provided to prospective

     Best regards,  Chris Shrader, 
		    NASA INTEGRAL Guest Observer Facility

 if interested, please e-mail your response to:


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  I am likely to attend:_____________
I am unlikely to attend:_____________

Might attend, but the following dates are impossible:____________

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