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Meeting Announcements

Included in this email are announcements for the following upcoming meetings:

The Transient Milky Way: A Perspective for MIRAX  - Dec 07-09, 2005
Supernova and Gamma-Ray Burst Remnants            - Feb 06-10, 2006


The Transient Milky Way: A Perspective for MIRAX
INPE, S.J.Campos, Brazil
December 7-9, 2005

This meeting aims to present and discuss the relevant science to be
investigated with the MIRAX satellite mission, as well as to discuss
technical aspects of the scientific payload and the satellite platform in
special sessions. MIRAX (Monitor e Imageador de Raios X) is an approved
X-ray astronomy monitoring and imaging mission in Brazil that has a very
strong international partnership with the USA, The Netherlands and Germany. 

The main scientific topics will be transient X-ray sources in general, black
hole and neutron star systems, X-ray bursts, superbursts, burst
oscillations, hard X-ray emission from accreting neutron star systems,
appearance and evolution of accreting spectral states in black holes,
microquasars, and fast X-ray novae. We hope MIRAX will be capable to make a
significant contribution to the field of X-ray variability by virtue of its
unprecedented strategy of prolonged, continuous monitoring of a large source

More information and on-line registration are at the workshop website:

Joao Braga
INPE, Brazil 


Supernova and Gamma-Ray Burst Remnants(Conference)
(R. Chevalier, U. Hwang, M. Laming)

Feb 06 2006 - Feb 10 2006, KITP, UC Santa Barbara

The connection between supernovae and gamma-ray bursts has provided insights
to extend our understanding of both these phenomena beyond what was known
from studying them separately. A unique window into the connections between
the progenitors and mechanisms of supernova and gamma-ray burst explosions
is provided by their remnants. This meeting brings together experts of the
remnants of both supernovae and gamma-ray bursts to combine this collective
knowledge and to foster productive communication between theorists and

Invited Speakers:
S. Kulkarni, R. Fesen, D. Proga, W. Zhang, J. Granot, L. Wang, R. Romani, J.
Blondin, T. Janka, A. Hungerford, M. Sako, M Laming, D. Burrows, A.
Soderberg, J. Vink, K. Weiler, P. Ghavamian, D. Ellison, M. Medvedev, F.
Aharonian, C. Dermer, P. Kumar, R. Chevalier, T. Piran, J. Reeves, S.
Chapman, J. Kirk, C. Fransson, M. Baring

Early Registration deadline - January 6th 2006
Housing deadline - January 12th 2006

Abstract deadline - November 18th 2005 E-mail Coordinator Martin Laming
(laming@nrl.navy.mil) if you are interested in presenting a poster.
Limited space available. A (very) few contributions may be oral

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