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Meeting Announcements

Included in this email are announcements for the following upcoming meetings:

1) NASA Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop                 - Feb 14-16, 2006
2) Physics and Astrophysics of Supermassive Black Holes  - Jul 09-14, 2006


Workshop:     NASA Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop
Where:        UNLV, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
When:         14-16 February 2006

NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) is sponsoring a
workshop on Laboratory Astrophysics.  The workshop brings
together producers and users of laboratory astrophysics data
so that they can understand each other's needs and limitations
in the context of the needs for NASA's missions.  The workshop
also involves a review of critical laboratory data
requirements which will have to be met, if the desired
astrophysical results are to be achieved in current and future
missions and programs.

The workshop will feature general invited review talks from
prominent data users and from scientists actively involved
with NASA missions to provide an overview of the data needs
in their current programs.  Selected contributed talks from
recognized data providers in each discipline will accompany
the invited review talks.  The Scientific Organizing Committee
(SOC) is particularly interested in contributions on
innovative techniques and from young researchers.  A poster
session will be organized for participating groups/laboratories
funded by the NASA program.  Breakout sessions will take place
at the end of these sessions.  Specific recommendations will be
established by each working group and will be forwarded to the
SOC to be included in their report (the White Paper).  The
White Paper will be reviewed by an independent group of experts
before submission to the Science Mission Directorate.

The workshop is hosted by the Physics Department at the
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). More information
and details will soon follow.

Further information is provided on the Website for the
(You may have to cut and paste the URL into your browser).

To receive the next conference announcement, please reply to

Please circulate this preliminary announcement among your colleagues.


Dear Colleague,

We are now accepting registrations for the international meeting
Mexico, July 9-14, 2006.

In the past, they were recognized as the most destructive force in nature.
Now, following a cascade of astonishing discoveries, supermassive black
holes have undergone a dramatic shift in paradigm.  Astronomers are
finding that these objects may have been critical to the formation of
structure in the early universe, inducing condensations of matter and
spawning new stars. They may have contributed as much as half of all
the radiation produced after the Big Bang, and at least 300 million of
them may now be lurking throughout the vast expanses of the observable
cosmos.  The most accessible among them appears to reside at the center
of our own Galaxy.

This meeting will bring together astronomers, astrophysicists, and general
relativists now working at the forefront of supermassive black hole
research with the goal of furthering our understanding of the formation
and evolution of these intriguing objects.

This gathering is sponsored jointly by Los Alamos National Laboratory and
The University of Arizona, and will be held at the Bishop's Lodge Resort
and Spa, just minutes outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The hotel website
may be found at http://www.bishopslodge.com/.  If you are not familiar
with Santa Fe, one of the most historic cities in the U.S., you may find
useful information at http://santafe.org/.  Among the many attractions
that Santa Fe has to offer, the open-air opera season begins July 2.

The current invitees include the following:

M. Begelman**,          M. Livio*,
R. Blandford,           F. Melia*,
W. Duschl*,             D. Merritt*,
M. Elvis*,              J. Ostriker*,
A. Fabian*,             M. Rees**,
P. Fabbiano*,           C. Reynolds*,
X. Fan*,                D. Richstone*,
C. Fryer*,              S. Shapiro**,
K. Gebhardt*,           J. Silk*,
R. Genzel*,             P. Strittmatter**,
A. Goldwurm*,           R. Sunyaev*,
M. Haehnelt*,           K. Thorne**,
J. Hawley*,             M. Urry*,
R. Kerr*,               F. Yusef-Zadeh*
S. Komossa*,

[* confirmed, ** tentative confirmation]

Details of the meeting, including the registration page, may be found at
http://qso.lanl.gov/meetings/meet2006/index.html.  Please check this site
regularly for updates, including the complete list of attendees, hotel
reservations, and travel information.

There is no conference fee and LANL is partially subsidizing hotel costs.
However, due to space limitations at the meeting site, the total number of
participants will be restricted to 100 individuals.  We therefore urge you
to register as soon as possible, but no later than January 31, 2006, when
decisions regarding attendance will be made.  Registration after this date
will still be possible, but all the available slots may be filled by then.

The Local Organizing Committee:

C. Fryer (fryer@lanl.gov)
F. Melia (melia@physics.arizona.edu)
G. Rockefeller (gaber@lanl.gov)

The Scientific Committee:

R. Blandford            S. Komossa*
A. Fabian*              F. Melia*
X. Fan*                 D. Merritt*
C. Fryer*               M. Rees**
R. Genzel*              S. Shapiro**
A. Goldwurm*            R. Sunyaev*

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