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 Fall 1994 HEAD Meeting Registration
 If you have not already done so, please register for the "The Multi-Mission
 Perspective" meeting by completing the registration and hotel information
 forms included in this package.  Please do not submit more than one
 registration form. Please mail, e-mail or fax completed registration forms and
 payment to:
 		Conference Connection
 		5344 Locksley Ave.
 		Oakland, CA 94618
 		Tel: (510) 652-7691
 		FAX: (510) 222-5140
 		e-mail:  ccc@netcom.com
 Registration forms are attached at the end of this e-mail.
 You may pay for your registration using a check, money order, Visa or Master
 Card.  Registration forms will not be accepted without payment.
 Checks or money orders should be made payable to HEAD Conference. Remittance
 should be made in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. You will receive an
 acknowledgement of your registration and payment within two weeks
 of receipt by Conference Connection via e-mail if supplied address,
 or via postcard.  We recommend that you bring copies of the
 acknowledgement with you to the conference.
 Should it be necessary to make changes to your registration please contact
 Conference Connection.
 Registrations received prior to September 16, 1994 are eligible for early
 registration fees.    Registration received after September 16, 1994
 will be considered a late registration and resultant fees will apply.
 Requests for cancellation must be received by e-mail or in the US mail prior
 to October 28, 1994. Cancellation entitles the registrant to a refund of fees
 minus a $25.00 processing charge. Refunds will take six to eight weeks.
 Registrants who do not appear at the meeting, thereby canceling by
 default, are not eligible for any refund.  Banquet fees are not refundable.
 Conference Wine Tasting and Banquet
 The conference banquet will be held in one of the Napa Valley's oldest and
 most respected wineries, the Inglenook Winery. The Winery's century old
 stone chateau houses a world class collection of award winning wines.  The
 banquet will begin with a customized private tour and sensory evaluation of
 several vintage wines.  Appetizers will be passed during this time.  At the
 conclusion of the tour, we will be seated in the midst of wine casks and
 candlelight.  Two wines, especially selected to complement the meal, will be
 served during the three course meal. Banquet tickets are limited and cannot
 be sold after October 26, 1994.  Tickets are $35.00 per person.
 Child Care Services
 Conference Connection will assist parents in locating suitable child care ar
 rangements.  If you are interested, please contact them as soon as possible,
 but no later than September 16th.
 United Airlines has been chosen as the official airline for this meeting.
 We are pleased to offer a discount rate of 5% off
 any published fare and 10% off excursion (BUA) fares purchased seven
 days in advance.  This special offer is available only to conference
 attendees for US domestic travel only.   Make your reservations
 either directly with United at 1-800-521-4041 or your travel agent
 and be sure to reference the conference ID code 577YK.
 If you normally use the services of a travel agent, please have them
 place your reservations using the ID code to ensure that you will
 obtain the best possible rate.  Full mileage credit will be
 given to United Mileage Plus Members.  Travel must be between
 October 29 and November 9, 1994.
 The Sheraton Inn Napa Valley in Napa, California has been selected as the
 conference headquarters. The Inn is located at the southern entrance to the
 Napa Valley. The hotel has its own restaurant, heated outdoor pool, lighted
 tennis court, and spa. Please see the attached Reservation Form.  A group
 rate of $99.00 single or double has been negotiated for attendees with a
 percentage of rooms available at the government rate.
 These rooms are restricted to U.S. Federal Employees only and an ID will
 be requested at check-in.  These rooms are available on a first
 come, first serve basis.  When the block of rooms at the Sheraton
 has been sold, Conference Connection will place you at the
 alternate hotel. The conference rate is good for Tuesday- Friday
 nights only.  Rates for Saturday night are $119.00.
 Tours and Special Services
 If you are interested in an organized tour, contact Conference Connection by
 July 1st. Depending on the interest level, tours will be made available. If you
 need any special accommodations to participate in this meeting, contact
 Conference Connection at 510-652-7691 or e-mail ccc@netcom.com with details of
 your request.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate these requests.
 Local Organizing Committee
 Dr. Tim Carone, Dr. John Vallerga, Dr. Barry Welsh, and Dr. Patrick
 Jelinsky (all of Eureka Scientific, Inc.), Dr. Lynn Cominsky (Sonoma
 State University), and Dr. Kevin Hurley (University of California, Berkeley)
 HEAD Meeting Registration Form:  Napa, CA
 November 2 - 5, 1994
 The following is an electronic registration form for the meeting.
 Please use any text editor to "fill in the blanks" and simply e-mail
 to Conference Connection at ccc@netcom.com.  You may also mail or
 fax the form to us at the address below.
 NOTE:  You can electronic mail your credit card information if you
 choose, but be aware that it is not necessarily secure.  Electronic
 mail can be intercepted and your credit card number stolen.  You may
 e-mail your registration form and then either call or fax Conference
 Connection with your credit card number; or you can send in a check
 separately.  However, you will only be registered in full
 for the conference when payment is received.
 (choose one) Prof.    Dr.     Mr.     Ms.
 First Name
 Last Name
 Affiliation for Name Tag
 Address 1
 Address 2
 Early Registration Fees
 Received by September 16, 1994
 				Cost           Number   Amount
 		HEAD Member     $175.00                 $
 		Nonmember       $181.00                 $
 		Guest           $ 35.00                 $
 Late Registration Fees
 Received after September 16, 1994
 				Cost           Number   Amount
 		All             $225.00                 $
 		TOTAL REGISTRATION FEES:                $
 Wine Tasting and Banquet
 Limited attendance.  Tickets must be purchased by October 27.
 				Cost           Number   Amount
 			All     $ 35.00                 $
 Payment Information (U.S. Dollars only):
 Please indicate your form of payment:
 Money Order
 Visa or Mastercard No:
 Signature:  if sending via email, please comment here that you
 	    authorize your card to be charged for the above only.
 Send To:
 	Conference Connection           Phone: 510-652-7691
 	5344 Locksley Avenue            FAX:    510-222-5140
 	Oakland, CA  94618              E-mail: ccc@netcom.com
 Hotel Reservation Form:  Sheraton Inn Napa Valley
 High Energy Astrophysics Division Meeting
 Name(s) of persons sharing accommodation(s)
 If Roomate, their phone (home):
 For arrival on:
 Departure on:
 Non Smoking Room requested?  Yes or No
 Room Type (Pick one)
 Is Rollaway Needed?  Yes or No
 Room Rates:     $99.00 Single or Double Conference Rate
 		$58.04 Single or Double Government Rate
 Please indicate here if you require the Gov't Rate:
 Note:  Government rate rooms are limited and restricted to Federal
 Employees only.  ID will be requested.  Rooms are limited at the
 Conference Hotel.  Should the hotel sell out, Conference Connection
 will book you in the alternate hotel, The Chateau, located a few blocks
 from the Sheraton.  Your confirmation will indicate your hotel. To make
 a reservation you must include either a check or money order made out
 to Conference Connection covering the first night's stay or give your
 VISA or MASTERCARD number.  Don't forget the expiration date and
 your signature.  Payment can be accepted in US dollars only.
 We regret that your reservation cannot be held after 6:00 PM on
 the day of arrival without first night payment or a credit card guarantee.
 Payment Information (U.S. Dollars only):
 Money Order
 Visa or Mastercard No:
 Expiration Date:
 Signature:  If sending electronically, please state here that you
 	    authorize your card to be charged for this purpose only.
 Your signature authorizes the Sheraton Inn Napa Valley or the Chateau Hotel
 to charge your account for one night's deposit and all taxes.  Rooms must be
 canceled before 6 PM on the day of arrival for refund of deposit.  Cutoff date
 for reservations is September 16, 1994.  Rooms may be available after
 the cutoff rate but the conference rate cannot be guaranteed.
 Send To:
 	Conference Connection           Phone: 510-652-7691
 	5344 Locksley Avenue            FAX:    510-222-5140
 	Oakland, CA  94618              E-mail: ccc@netcom.com