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ROSAT Status Report #95

		ROSAT Status Report #95
		    June 21 1994

Accepted target list for AO5

The list of targets accepted for AO5 is now available from anonymous ftp 
on legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov from /rosat/timelines/ao5.targets

Other ftp update information


Latest HRI & PSPC "detailed" timelines from MPE were installed in /rosat/
timelines.  Files have names "ao4pt4_hri.timeline" and 

MPE SASS bug report "bugs.sass_pspc" was added to /rosat/doc/pspc. 


New "archive_intro" files replaced the previous versions in /rosat/doc/
archive area.

New postscript file replaced previous version of /rosat/doc/pspc/on_axis_
psf/cal_ros_92_001a.ps (some users had reported problems printing the
old versions). 

Updated version of "cookbook.tex" added to S. Snowden /rosat/publications/
diff_bkgrd/temp area. 

Mission Short-term timelines are updated every week, on Mondays.