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Change in ASCA AO3 mailing address

To all ASCA AO3 proposers:

The impending end of the support to NASA Headquarters by BDM has produced 
some last minute complications in the proposal submission process.  Namely, 
the BDM has vacated the address given in the NRA for mailing proposals,and 
the new tenants are refusing delivery of any Federal Express (or 
equivalent) packages.  Mail will be forwarded the the new BDM location, but 
may require some extra time to arrive.

Anyone who has not yet sent in paper copies of their proposal should send 
them to:

ASCA AO3 Program
c/o Dr. Nick White
Code 668
Building 2, Room 250
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt MD  20771

Given the current state of confusion, it is ESSENTIAL that you submit your 
forms electronically on time (by end of August 30).  It will be impossible
to track missing paper proposals unless we have the electronic submissions.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation might cause, and we
assure you that no one will be penalized for late arrival of their 
proposals, provided they were mailed before the due date, and the 
electronic forms have been submitted on time.