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Call for ASCA reviewers - US institutions only

Please disregard this message if you do not work at a US institution.

This is a call for volunteers for the US ASCA AO3 proposal review. We are
seeking dedicated astronomers with knowledge in x-ray spectroscopy to
participate in this NASA review. The review will be held October 24-26,
1994 in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Food and transportation will be reimbursed
for all and lodging for those living more than 50 miles from the meeting
site. There will be 4 panels (2 galactic and 2 extra-galactic) with about
8-10 members each. We have received ~265 proposals. Therefore, each panel
member will be required to read ~65 proposals and about 15 of those in
enough detail to lead the discussion as primary or secondary reviewer. 

If you are interested in participating in this review, please reply to me 
(ksmale@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov) via e-mail or call me at 301-286-7612 for 
more information.

Please do not reply if you cannot participate. This review is only open to 
those who are currently working at US institutions.


Karen Smale