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HEAD meeting - final announcement

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   1994 Meeting of the AAS High Energy Astrophysics Division


	    *Incorporating ROSAT and ASCA Workshops*

              November 2-5 Napa Valley, California

              EARLY REGISTRATION DUE SEPT. 16, 1994

For the first time in over a decade High Energy Astrophysics has
several missions operating simultaneously, with the prospect of
more to come in the next two years. The re-opening of Gamma-ray
astronomy with Compton GRO, the low energy PSPC spectra from
ROSAT, the new high spectral resolution and higher energy
response of ASCA, and the opportunity for high spatial resolution
imaging with the ROSAT HRI, together place us in a new stage
of high energy astrophysics and create a need for comprehensive
understanding and analysis.

The combination of these new capabilities brings a new synergy.  Many 
of us now work routinely with data from several different missions,
and the have a need to connect our results across mission boundaries.

The following is the preliminary schedule of the oral sessions.  There
will be two poster sessions, changing midday on Thursday and ending
Saturday at noon.  Those authors not listed in the following schedule
have been chosen to give poster presentations.  A listing of the poster
presentations will be distributed in a few days. 

Two discussion groups have been planned (see below), however, the
Scientific Organizing Committee encourages anyone who has an idea
for another discussion topic to contact them.  Discussion groups can
also be organized at the conference and we have reserved Saturday morning
for these impromtu sessions.

Registration forms follow the schedule with descriptions of
the Napa Valley and conference hotels.  Please register early
as the registration fee increases after September 16th.

The Scientific Organizing Committee


	1994 AAS High Energy Astrophysics Division Meeting
		``The Multi-mission Perspective''

			Napa Valley, CA

		       	November 1-4, 1994


			11/1/94  Tuesday
4:00 - 9:00pm	Registration

7:00 - 9:00pm	Reception

7:00 - 9:00pm	Poster Session 1 installation.

			11/2/94  Wednesday

8:25 -  8:35  Welcome, Announcements (Elvis, Carone)

8:35 -  8:55  KOYAMA: ASCA Observations of the Galactic Center (Invited)

9:00 - 10:15  ACTIVE GALACTIC NUCLEI: 1		

URRY:	      Multiwavelength Observations of AGN (Invited)
WARWICK:      Soft X-ray variability in NGC 4151
EDELSON:      Correlated Multi-wavelength Variability in the
                Seyfert 1 NGC 4151
DONE:	      ROSAT monitoring of the soft excess, warm absorber
                and power law of NGC5548

9:00 - 10:15  X-RAY BINARIES: 1

BILDSTEN:     Neutron Star Nuclear Burning  (Invited)
PSALTIS:      Magnetic Field Structure near Weakly Magnetic Accreting
                Neutron Stars
MILLER:       Radiation Drag near Slowly Rotating Neutron Stars
MATZ:	      Hard X-Ray Variability of Cygnus X-3

10:15 - 11:00  Break/Posters

11:00 - 12:45  DEEP SURVEYS

HASINGER:     The X-ray background	 (Invited)
FICHTEL:      The High Energy Gamma-Ray Extragalactic
	        Diffuse Radiation	 (Invited)
DALY:         The High Energy Diffuse Backgrounds		
PUCHNAREWICZ: Optical and X-ray Properties of the RIXOS AGN
RICKER:	      Identification of X-ray Sources from the ASCA 	
                Performance Phase, Deep Survey Field


11:00 - 12:45  X-RAY BINARIES: 2

PRINCE:       X-ray Transients and Pulsars (Invited)
CHAKRABARTY:  Multiwavelength Monitoring of the Accreting Pulsar 
		GX 1+4
DAUMERIE:     Numerical Models of Disk Accretion by Strongly Magnetic
                Neutron Stars	
FINGER:       The Dependence of Accretion Torque on Inner Disk Radius
                in A0535+26
WILSON:       Spectral Analyses of a Giant Outburst from A0535+26
GROVE:        OSSE Detection of a 110 keV Absorption Feature from
                A0535+26 in Outburst

12:45 -  2:15  Lunch


ELVIS:        High Redshift Quasars from ASCA and ROSAT
GEHRELS:      High Energy Studies of Seyferts and Prospects 
                for XTE and Integral 
NANDRA:	      ASCA observations of two quasars at z~1
LAOR:	      The Soft X-ray Properties of a Complete Sample of
                Optically Selected Quasars
DERMER:	      Stochastic Particle Acceleration Near Accreting
                Black Holes
MATSUOKA:     X-ray Spectra of Seyfert Galaxies Observed by ASCA AGN2


2:15 -  3:45  STELLAR CORONAE

DRAKE:        X-ray Observations of Stars (Invited)
GUEDEL:       ROSAT X-ray Monitoring of the RS CVn Binary AR Lac
	        over one Orbital Period
SCHMITT:      The High Energy View of the nearby star Procyon
STERN:        High Temperature line and Continuum Emission in Algol
GAGNE:        X-ray Variability in the Orion Nebula Region:
                Results from Einstein and ROSAT 

3:45 -  4:30  Break/Posters

4:30 -  6:00  XTE/ROSAT Workshop

6:00 -  6:45  Bar/Posters

6:45 -  9:00  Discussion Groups: XTE (Swank)


			Napa Valley

		       	November 1994


		11/3/94  Thursday

8:30	   MALINA: EUVE: Science Achievements and Science Goals

9:00 - 10:15  GALAXIES

LOWENSTEIN:   New Insights on Early-Type Galaxies 
		from ASCA and ROSAT (Invited)
BUOTE:        X-ray Constraints on the Mass of the S0 Galaxy NGC 1332
WATSON:       The X-ray halo of the starburst galaxy M82
MORAN:	      X-ray Luminous, IR selected H II Galaxies	
                and the X-ray Background


OSBORNE:      ASCA Observations of Cataclysmic Variables (Invited)
HEISE:        White Dwarf Model Atmospheres applied to Super Soft 
		Source spectra
PAERELS:      EUVE Observations of the Magnetic Compact Binaries 
		AM Her and EF Eri
MAUCHE:	      EUVE, ASCA, and ROSAT Observations of Dwarf Novae

10:15 - 11:00  Break/Posters


BAUTZ:	      Clusters of Galaxies Observed with ASCA  (Invited)
SARAZIN:      Hot, Cooling, and Cold Gas in Clusters of Galaxies 
FUKAZAWA:     ASCA Observations of Poor Clusters of Galaxies
BURNS:        Galaxy Cluster Mergers & X-ray Emission
WHITE:        ASCA Observations of the Cool Cluster A262

11:00 - 12:45  X-RAY BINARIES: 3

NAGASE:       ASCA Observations of X-ray Binaries (Invited)
STAHLE:       Discovery of X-ray Line Emission in the Spectrum of 
		SMC X-1
EBIZAWA:      Iron Emission Line Study of Cen X-3 with ASCA over
                an Eclipse
SMALE:        Observations of Cyg X-2 with ASCA and BBXRT
COMINSKY:     Magnetosphere Accretion in the PSR 1259-63 Binary System
SEMBAY:	      Serendipitous transient X-ray sources discovered by ROSAT

12:45 -  2:15  Lunch

2:15 -  3:45  BLAZARS

MARSCHER:     High-Energy Emission from Blazars (Invited)
MATTOX:       The Identification of ~20 EGRET Sources as Gamma-Ray 
	        Selected Blazars
TASHIRO:      ASCA observations of BL Lac objects and the emission 
WEHRLE:       Changes in the Parsec-Scale Radio Structure of 3C279
	        before and after a Gamma-Ray Flare
MADEJSKI:     ROSAT, ASCA, and EGRET observations of BL Lac object 
	        AO 0235+164


2:15 -  3:45  ISOLATED PULSARS

OGELMAN:      X and Gamma Ray observations of Single Neutron Stars
SHEMI:        Detection of Isolated Neutron Stars WITH ROSAT, 
		EUVE and Optical Observations
NELSON:       Finding Isolated Neutron Stars: A Unique Cyclotron 
ROMANI:       High Energy Emission from Rotation-powered Pulsars 
		(30 min.)

3:45 -  4:30  Break/Posters

4:30 -  6:00  Workshop: ASCA (White)

6:00 -  10:00  Banquet


			Napa Valley

		       November 1994


                      11/4/94  Friday 

8:30 BALLET: Latest results of SIGMA 


HUGHES:       X-ray Observations of Remnants of Type Ia SNe  
	        in the Local Group  (Invited)
RASMUSSEN:    Broad-band X-ray Spectroscopic Survey of
	        the SNR Puppis-A Using the ASCA SIS
CRAIG:        ROSAT Observations of the Vela Supernova Remnant
REYNOLDS:     Electron Heating and Acceleration in Supernova Remnants:
	        Inferences from ROSAT Observations


LING:         BATSE Earth Occultation Observations of Cygnus X-1 
                from 1991 to 1994: Long-Term Spectral Variability
WHEELER:      The Physics of Black Hole X-ray Transients
HARMON:       Search for Periodic Behavior in GX 339-4 Hard X-Ray 
TITARCHUK:    Accretion disk spectra: Soft and hard components of 
	        X-ray BHC  spectra
SMITH:        BATSE Search for Transient Annihilation Radiation from
	        Galactic Sources

10:15 - 11:00  Break/Posters

11:00 - 12:45  GAMMA-RAY BURSTS: 1

KOUVELIOTOU:  Gamma-Ray Bursts 	(Invited)
CLINE:        Interplanetary Network Source Study of the 1992 April 6
	        Gamma Ray Burst
BARTHELMY:    Status Report on the BATSE Coordinates Distribution
		Network (BACODINE)
NEMIROFF:     Search for Gravitational Lensing in Gamma-Ray Bursts
BONNELL:      Spectral Analysis of BATSE Gamma Ray Bursts:
		A Comparison with Cosmological Models
LI, P.:       Deep ROSAT Observation of the May 1 1992 Gamma-Ray 
		Burst Field

11:00 - 12:45  ACTIVE GALACTIC NUCLEI: 3

SERLEMITSOS:  Hidden AGN Observed with ASCA (Invited)
IWASAWA:      ASCA early results on Seyfert 2 galaxies:
                Complex X-ray spectra and the unified picture
PETERSON:     Multiwavelength Monitoring of Spectral Variations 
		in AGNs: Probing the Central Structure by 
		Reverberation Mapping 
MATHUR:	      The Absorbing Outflow in NGC5548
SIKORA:	      Why NGC 4151 Looks Different Than Other Seyfert 1 
WORRALL:      Beamed and Unbeamed X-ray Emission in FR1 Radio 

12:45 -  2:15  Lunch

2:15 -  3:45  GAMMA-RAY BURSTS: 2

KOSHUT:       Properties of GRB Precursor Activity As Observed 
DUNCAN:	      Soft-Gamma Repeaters as Very-Strongly Magnetized Neutron
TAVANI:       Nebular Calorimetry:  High Energy Emission from Binary
              Pulsars and Soft Gamma-ray Repeaters
BAND:         Search for Spectral Lines in the BATSE Gamma Ray Bursts
PENDLETON:    An Overview of the GRB Population Continuum Spectral 
		Properties Measured with BATSE
PREECE:       High Energy Spectral Evolution of GRBs observed by BATSE


DIEHL:	      Gamma-Ray Line Astronomy with GRO  (Invited)
LABOV:	      Extensive Shadowing of the Soft X-ray, Background
       	        in the North Ecliptic Pole Region
WOO:	      Interstellar Grain Densities Measured from X-ray
                Haloes Observed by ASCA
PURCELL:      Observations of Diffuse Galactic Gamma Ray Continuum
CHU:	      ROSAT Observations of Superbubbles in the LMC

3:45 -  4:30  Break/Posters

4:30 -  6:00  Workshops: Compton GRO (Gehrels); Plasma Codes (Sanders)

6:00 - 7:15   Bar/Posters

6:15 - 9:00   Discussion Group: Galactic X-ray Novae & Radio Jets 


			Napa Valley

		       November 1994


                      11/5/94  Saturday

9:00-12:00	POSTER SESSION 3

9:00-12:00	Discussion Groups (TBD)

12:00		END 


Workshop Organizers:
Jean Swank  (GSFC) swank@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov

Rob Petre   (GSFC) petre@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov

Nick White  (GSFC) white@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov

Neil Gehrels(GSFC) gehrels@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov

Plasma Codes:
Wilt Sanders (Wisconsin) sanders@wisp.physics.wisc.edu

Discussion Group Organizers:
Jean Swank  (GSFC) swank@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov

X-ray Novae: 
Alan Harmon (MSFC) harmon@ssl.msfc.nasa.gov

Proposals for additional workshops:
Martin Elvis (SAO) elvis@cfa.harvard.edu



Fall 1994 HEAD Meeting Registration

If you have not already done so, please register for the "The Multi-Mission
Perspective" meeting by completing the registration and hotel information
forms included in this package.  Please do not submit more than one
registration form. Please mail, e-mail or fax completed registration forms and
payment to:

		Conference Connection
		5344 Locksley Ave.
		Oakland, CA 94618
		Tel: (510) 652-7691
		FAX: (510) 222-5140
		e-mail:  ccc@netcom.com

Registration forms are attached at the end of this e-mail.

You may pay for your registration using a check, money order, Visa or Master
Card.  You will not be considered as registered until we receive payment.
Checks or money orders should be made payable to HEAD Conference. Remittance 
should be made in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. You will receive an 
acknowledgement of your registration and payment within two weeks 
of receipt by Conference Connection via e-mail if supplied address, 
or via postcard.  We recommend that you bring copies of the 
acknowledgement with you to the conference. 

Should it be necessary to make changes to your registration please contact 
Conference Connection.

Registrations received prior to September 16, 1994 are eligible for early 
registration fees.    Registration received after September 16, 1994 
will be considered a late registration and resultant fees will apply.

Requests for cancellation must be received by e-mail or in the US mail prior 
to October 28, 1994. Cancellation entitles the registrant to a refund of fees 
minus a $25.00 processing charge. Refunds will take six to eight weeks. 
Registrants who do not appear at the meeting, thereby canceling by 
default, are not eligible for any refund.  Banquet fees are not refundable.

Conference Wine Tasting and Banquet
There has been a change in venue for the Conference Banquet.  The dinner will
be held at the Clos Pegase Winery in the Napa Valley on Thursday
Evening, November 3rd.  Artistry at Clos
Pegase is embodied not only in its wines, but in the architecture of the
winery itself. This strikingly modern winery was 
the spectacular winner of the San Franciso Museum of Modern Art 
Design Competition.   
Established in 1985, the winery has produced award winning Sauvignon Blanc,
Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wines.  
Our evening at Clos Pegase will begin with a tasting and sensory
evaluation of their highly regarded wines.  Appetizers will be passed and
optional tours will be offered during this time.  
We will then adjourn to the wine barrel aging caves to
enjoy a three course dinner served by candlight. 
The caves themselves are a true engineering feat, designed especially
for this winery.  They house not only wine aging barrels, but wonderful 
examples of modern and classic art.
Banquet tickets are limited and cannot 
be sold after October 26, 1994.  Tickets are $35.00 per person.

Child Care Services
Conference Connection will assist parents in locating suitable child care ar
rangements.  If you are interested, please contact them as soon as possible, 
but no later than September 16th.

United Airlines has been chosen as the official airline for this meeting.
We are pleased to offer a discount rate of 5% off  
any published fare and 10% off excursion (BUA) fares purchased seven 
days in advance.  This special offer is available only to conference 
attendees for US domestic travel only.   Make your reservations 
either directly with United at 1-800-521-4041 or your travel agent 
and be sure to reference the conference ID code 577YK.    
If you normally use the services of a travel agent, please have them 
place your reservations using the ID code to ensure that you will 
obtain the best possible rate.  Full mileage credit will be 
given to United Mileage Plus Members.  Travel must be between 
October 29 and November 9, 1994.

Transportation Information from the San Francisco Airport to the 
conference hotels

Transportation is available through Evans Airport Services. 
You must have a reservation IN ADVANCE for transport to either Hotel
and your hotel choice must be indicated at the time of the reservation.
Please call (707) 255-1559 to make your reservation.  The cost is $18.00
one way.  Reservations for your return to SFO must be made at least 24 hours
in advance.

Rental Cars and Directions

All major rental car agencies can be found at the San Francisco Airport. 
Most will include a map of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area when
you pick up your vehicle.  Directions to the Napa Valley Sheraton and the
Chateau Hotel are as follows:  From SF Airport take Highway 101 North. 
As you approach San Francisco, stay to the right and look for the signs
indicating the Oakland/Bay Bridge and Interstate 80.  After crossing the 
Bay Bridge stay on Interstate 80 towards Sacramento.  You will pass the cities
of Berkeley, El Cerrito and Richmond, crossing over the Carquinez Bridge 
just prior to reaching the city of Vallejo.   Just outside Vallejo, you will
take the exit for Highway 37 -- the same exit you would take for Marine World.
Stay on Highway 37 for several miles, look for a right onto Highway 29 towards
Napa.   Follow Highway 29 all the way to Napa.  The Sheraton Inn is located
just after the Highway turns into a two lane road.  Look for the traffic 
signal at Trancas Street.  Take a left onto Trancas Street and then your 
immediate right onto Solano Avenue.  The hotel is on the corner of Trancas St.
and Solano Avenue at 3425 Solano Avenue.     The Chateau Hotel is located 
a few blocks north of the Sheraton on the same side of the road at 4195 Solano
Avenue.  There is plenty of free parking at both hotels. 

The Sheraton Inn Napa Valley in Napa, California has been selected as the 
conference headquarters. The Inn is located at the southern entrance to the 
Napa Valley. The hotel has its own restaurant, heated outdoor pool, lighted 
tennis court, and spa. Please see the attached Reservation Form.  A group 
rate of $99.00 single or double has been negotiated for attendees with a 
percentage of rooms available at the government rate. 
These rooms are restricted to U.S. Federal Employees only and an ID will 
be requested at check-in.  ****These rooms are available on a first
come, first serve basis.****  When the block of rooms at the Sheraton 
has been sold, Conference Connection will place you at the 
alternate hotel. The conference rate is good for Tuesday- Friday 
nights only.  Rates for Saturday night are $119.00. 

No Tours are being offered in conjunction with this meeting.  Local area
information on wineries and attractions will be available at the meeting. 

Local Organizing Committee
Dr. Tim Carone, Dr. John Vallerga, Dr. Barry Welsh, and Dr. Patrick 
Jelinsky (all of Eureka Scientific, Inc.), Dr. Lynn Cominsky (Sonoma 
State University), and Dr. Kevin Hurley (University of California, Berkeley)


HEAD Meeting Registration Form:  Napa, CA
November 2 - 5, 1994

The following is an electronic registration form for the meeting.
Please use any text editor to "fill in the blanks" and simply e-mail 
to Conference Connection at ccc@netcom.com.  You may also mail or
fax the form to us at the address below.

NOTE:  You can electronic mail your credit card information if you
choose, but be aware that it is not necessarily secure.  Electronic
mail can be intercepted and your credit card number stolen.  You may
e-mail your registration form and then either call or fax Conference
Connection with your credit card number; or you can send in a check
separately.  However, you will only be registered in full 
for the conference when payment is received.

(choose one) Prof.    Dr.     Mr.     Ms.
First Name
Last Name
Affiliation for Name Tag
Address 1
Address 2
Early Registration Fees
Received by September 16, 1994
				Cost	       Number	Amount
            	HEAD Member	$175.00	       		$                 
               	Nonmember	$181.00			$
               	Guest		$ 35.00	       		$                 

Late Registration Fees
Received after September 16, 1994
				Cost	       Number	Amount
               	All		$225.00	       		$ 

Wine Tasting and Banquet
Limited attendance.  Tickets must be purchased by October 27.

				Cost	       Number	Amount
                 	All	$ 35.00	   	 	$ 

Please indicate entree preference:

			Beef        _____
			Salmon      _____
			Vegetarian  _____

Payment Information (U.S. Dollars only):
Please indicate your form of payment:
Money Order
Visa or Mastercard No:                                       
Signature:  if sending via email, please comment here that you
	    authorize your card to be charged for the above only.

Send To:
	Conference Connection		Phone: 510-652-7691
	5344 Locksley Avenue		FAX:    510-222-5140
	Oakland, CA  94618		E-mail: ccc@netcom.com

Hotel Reservation Form:  Sheraton Inn Napa Valley
High Energy Astrophysics Division Meeting
Name(s) of persons sharing accommodation(s)

If Roomate, their phone (home):

For arrival on:
Departure on:                          

Non Smoking Room requested?  Yes or No

Room Type (Pick one) 

Is Rollaway Needed?  Yes or No

Room Rates:	$99.00 Single or Double Conference Rate
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Please indicate here if you require the Gov't Rate:                            

Note:  Government rate rooms are limited and restricted to Federal
Employees only and their availabilty cannot be guaranteed.  They will
be reserved on a first come, first serve basis based on when payment 
or credit card number is received.  
If you are given a government rate room, a Federal ID will be requested
upon check-in.  Rooms are limited at the
Conference Hotel.  Should the hotel sell out, Conference Connection
will book you in the alternate hotel, The Chateau, located a few blocks
from the Sheraton.  A final confirmation will be sent indicating your
hotel and the rate.  To make
a reservation you must include either a check or money order made out 
to Conference Connection covering the first night's stay or give your 
VISA or MASTERCARD number.  Don't forget the expiration date and 
your signature.  Payment can be accepted in US dollars only.  
We regret that your reservation cannot be held after 6:00 PM on 
the day of arrival without first night payment or a credit card guarantee.

Payment Information (U.S. Dollars only):
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Expiration Date:

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Your signature authorizes the Sheraton Inn Napa Valley or the Chateau Hotel 
to charge your account for one night's deposit and all taxes.  Rooms must be 
canceled before 6 PM on the day of arrival for refund of deposit.  Cutoff date 
for reservations is September 16, 1994.  Rooms may be available after 
the cutoff rate but the conference rate cannot be guaranteed.

Send To:
	Conference Connection		Phone: 510-652-7691
	5344 Locksley Avenue		FAX:    510-222-5140
	Oakland, CA  94618		E-mail: ccc@netcom.com