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ROSAT Status #122: WGACAT Rev1

			ROSAT Status Report #122
			    March 14 1995

        WGACAT Rev 1 - N.E.White (HEASARC/GSFC), P. Giommi (ESIS/ESRIN) 
                          and L. Angelini (HEASARC/GSFC)

The first revision of the WGACAT of PSPC sources from the pointed phase
is now ready for release. This revised version contains an additional
800 fields (3007 in total) giving a total of 62,000 unique sources (compared 
to 49,000 in rev 0). We have taken the opportunity to fix a number
minor bugs and problems with the original release. A full description
of the revision can be found under 


which is linked from the WGACAT home page at


A further comparison with the ROSATSRC catalog generated by MPE is also given.
This revision will include lightcurves and spectra for each detected source,
available as gifs and FITS files. These are still under construction and will
gradually appear over the next 1-2 months. 

The catalog will be accessible as before through the HEASARC online service
(telnet to legacy.gsfc.nasa.gov, login as xray and type
browse wgacat from the HEASARC prompt, or from the WWW Browse at

http://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/StarTrax/Browse.html )

We plan to make the release the morning of Wednesday, March 15. This will
mean the current version will be unavailable for a few hours while the
new version is brought online. The catalog will still be called WGACAT, and
the current rev0 version will be renamed to WGACAT0 and kept for 
comparison purposes. 

Please send any questions or comments to wgacat@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov