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ROSAT #123: Disabling MIPS

		ROSAT Status Report #123
		    March 28 1995

The U.S. ROSAT Science Data Center will be disabling the MIPS software
after the ROSAT AO6 proposal due date.  Usage of MIPS has dropped off over 
time and most of the information and application programs in MIPS can be 
accessed elsewhere.  The Obstime and Viewing software in MIPS are being
replaced by PIMMS and Viewing (which are available via anonymous-ftp).
The Mission Information portion of MIPS is being replaced by the Browse
software.  Before we turn MIPS off, we would like to know if there is any 
information in MIPS that users can not obtain elsewhere.  If so, please 
send email to Margo Duesterhaus (duesterhaus@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov)