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proscon patch available

Hello All,
  I have moved the patched version of proscon to:

and changed the README file accordingly.
  I hesitate to make a new directory for a different version of the
same program. Please read the README file, and see if it is confusing
in any way.  I can still make a new subdirectory if anyone thinks it would
be better.


> Hi Michael, there seem to be some (more) pointless arbitrary changes to the 
> newest pros (which we haven't got yet), and one user (Knox Long) 
> complained that the pros tab file -xspec fits spectral converter,
> "proscon" , doesn't work any more.   Anyway, based on his file, a 
> new version of proscon is available, which more users may require in the 
> future. I have a compressed tar file on ~turner/proscon.tar.Z  
> and I want to put it in the rosat ftp area. I suggest we make 
> a subdir under 
> /FTP/rosat/software/fortran/proscon/   
> we could make a 96jan17 subdir, anyway I want to keep the old 
> proscon where it is, and put the new in a subdir .
> Could you please see to it? (asap so this user can access the 
> thing)
> Thanks
> -Jane
> _______________________________________________________________________
> Michael Arida, ROSAT/ASCA GOF  Lab. for High Energy Astrophysics (LHEA)
> ph: 301-286-2291 (voice)         Code 664, NASA-Goddard Sp.Flt.Cntr.
> arida@rosserv.gsfc.nasa.gov            Greenbelt, MD 20771