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ROSAT Status #138: ROSAT Science Workshop at HEAD Meeting

			ROSAT Status Report #138
   	                   April 12 1996

		ROSAT Science Workshop at HEAD Meeting
			Last call for contributions

The US ROSAT Science Data Center (USRSDC) will be hosting a half-day science 
workshop on the afternoon of Monday, April 27, the day before the start of 
the HEAD meeting.  This workshop will focus on identifying the scientific 
goals for the next 2+ years of the US participation in the ROSAT mission.  
These goals will be used in formulating the USRSDC proposal to the biennial 
NASA Senior Review of space astrophysics missions.

The workshop will concentrate on two major topics, identified by the most 
recent senior review as key US ROSAT activities:  large observing programs 
and the use of ROSAT as a "pathfinder" mission for AXAF.  Brief 
presentations about ongoing large observing programs will be made by the 
PI's, and a series of presentations will be made about how 
existing and future ROSAT observations can help maximize the scientific 
efficiency of AXAF.  There will be ample time for both discussion 
and contributions about new ideas for large programs.  The workshop 
presentations and conclusions will be published as a special edition of the 
ROSAT Newsletter for dissemination to the general astronomical community.

There is still room in the program for contributions regarding new large 
observing programs. Additionally, we are still seeking individuals who are 
willing to discuss how future ROSAT observations can help enhance the 
scientific productivity of AXAF in the areas of AGN, X-ray binaries and 
pulsars, and deep surveys.  If you are interested in making a presentation, 
please contact the workshop organizer, Rob Petre (petre@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov).

Tentative program:

Part 1 - ROSAT Large Observing Programs

Introduction - what are large programs? 
				R. Petre
Project presentations (10 min. ea.)
	Cygnus Loop		J. Graham
	LMC survey		Y.-H. Chu
	SMC survey		S. Snowden
	Local group galaxies	R. Petre
	Nearby galaxies		E. Schlegel
	Deep surveys		L. Jones
	Quasar surveys		M. Elvis
	OB star monitoring	M. Corcoran
	Distant Cluster ID	M. Ulmer


Part II - ROSAT as Pathfinder for AXAF

Intro - Comparison of ROSAT and AXAF capabilities

How ROSAT has and can still help focus the use of AXAF (10 min. ea)
	(speakers to be announced)

	Stars and star clusters		S. Drake	
	SNe and SNR's					
	Galaxies (spiral, elliptical and starburst)
					G. Fabbiano	
	Clusters			W. Forman		 
	X-ray background				

What ROSAT can still do for AXAF - the ASC perspective 	
					H. Tananbaum